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Apr 4, 2013 11:12 AM

Lunch omakase at Sushi Iwa

Hi All
Hubby and I have a lunch reservation at Sushi Iwa for our upcoming trip to Tokyo. I'm wondering how long it would be to complete the meal since I would also like to check out Sanja Matsuri after lunch.


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  1. I went last December.Lunch lasted about an hour I recall

    1. Yes, lunch will take a little hour, and first service begins at 12:00. In my opinion, if you are in hurry, go another (quieter) day !! There is 2 nigiris sets at lunch, one at 5,000.-yens, and the other at 8,000.-yens. If you want to fully enjoy it, well, take your time and go for the full 8000yens 12pieces course...