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Apr 4, 2013 11:05 AM

adesso update [Oakland]

Curious re folks' views re Michael Bauer's comments on Adesso (saying that he loved the salumi--and was high on the focus of a salumi spot--and is disappointed that there are fewer options in the salumi category and "the focus is blurred a bit" with introduction of pizza, which he doesn't love.)

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  1. There were so many salumi on the list before that I found it tiring to choose. Makes more sense to me for them to rotate items in a smaller selection. On the current sample menu there's a paltry 13 salumi a la carte or in five different assortments, plus a mere five kinds of pate. How often would you have to go there to get bored with that?

    1. I think the following is the only report on their pizza, which has been around for 6 months. The chef had told me that night that he was constantly playing with the crust recipe, but at the time, I agree with Bauer's assessment that it "tasted reheated." I would hope they'd have gotten it down by this point.

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        It is reheated. That's traditional for that style. What should it taste like? I have to get in there to try it and see if it's anything like the Roman pizza a taglio they're patterning it after.

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Just because it's traditional doesn't mean it's good! :-)

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            One motivation for partially cooking pizza is to ensure that the dough doesn't come out tough when you reheat it. Cheeseboard, for example, partly bakes their pies, and most of the time you can barely tell. Other times, the crust tastes like it came out of a microwave. If that's what pizza al taglio is aiming for, I don't get it.

        2. I cant speak for the pizza (have not tried it yet) but 16 types of Salumi is plenty for me? I need to get back over there, it's been awhile!

          1. I completely disagreed with Bauer's review -- there are still plenty of salumi on the menu and the pizza doesn't steal the focus. Don't order the pizza if you just want salumi.

            1. Has anyone gone to a "Salumi Club" event?

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                I live down the street and have been to probably 75% of the events, though there hasn't been one lately. They're hosted by Chad, the head butcher and salumi maker (is there a title for that?).

                Atmosphere is pretty casual. They drop a big wooden board over the foosball table and Chad talks/demos for about 45 minutes about the topic of the day. The topics have ranged from basics of curing to butchering poultry to roasting, etc. Nothing ground-breaking, but I always learn something. Since the atmosphere is so casual, everyone gets to ask about whatever, so if you really want to know something specific and specialized, you can find out what he thinks about it!

                Attendance is about 6-10. They always bring out something topical for us to munch on.