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Apr 4, 2013 10:00 AM

Minneapolis-St. Paul Dish of the Month April 2012: Hot dogs/Sausages.

What are your favorites?

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  1. I really like Sentyrz Market in NE Mpls. They have a great variety of sausages and they are pretty inexpensive for the quality. I had a bbq last summer and bought a variety of brats and sausages and everyone loved them. I remember really loving a bleu cheese brat.

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    1. re: Bobannon

      You beat me to it Sentyrz is one of the best. Some of their sausages are misnamed to me but they still taste great. Price is a plus.

      1. re: Bobannon

        Have you ever tried their jalapeno brats? I don't know if they make them anymore, but those were quite tasty.

      2. All right - this technically isn't in MSP, but...there's a butcher in Clear Lake, about an hour from the Cities, called McDonald's Meats. And their hot dogs are the best hot dogs I've ever had in my entire life - perfect level of spice and meat quality.

        They've also got tons of different kinds of brats, which are good, but not as good as the hot dogs.

        They're worth the drive, especially if you're already on the way up to a cabin or something.

        For any of you who've spent time in southeastern Wisconsin and have had Shullsburg cheddar (which is awesome), they happen to carry it, and I've never seen it anywhere else in Minnesota.

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        1. re: gildeddawn

          Until April 2012 I had never heard of McDonald's Meats in Clear Lake. I've stopped there four times since that time when travelling up Highway 10. They have great garlic summer sausage as well.

        2. April, here we come!

          I like Seward Co-op and Kramarczuk's. Never heard of Sentyrz, but may have to check that out.

          McDonald's Meats is awesome.


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          1. re: The Dairy Queen

            I like Kramarczuk's too, but Sentyrz is better and at least 50% cheaper. I wish I could remember all the good stuff I bought last summer. I guess this means it's time for a trip back.

            Osseo meat market is pretty good too.

            1. re: Bobannon

              I am a fan of Sentyrz, too. Great sausages, nifty store, and a northeast event.

            2. re: The Dairy Queen

              Sentryz is right up the road from Kramarczuk's on 2nd and 17th. Don't forget to ask for a couple of their homemade pickles to go with your sausages.

              1. re: The Dairy Queen

                I stopped at Sentryz and Ziach in NE on Friday.

                Short version: Next time I want sausages, I'll be going back to Kramarczuk's or Speedy Mart (for fresh brats).

                Longer version: Sentryz has wine and beer and liquor. That's a plus. Sentryz parking is easier than Kramarczuk's. But the sausage wasn't as good.

                Ziach brings theirs in from a place in Chicago. Many of their selections are heavily smoked. Their sauage has a flavor I find off-putting. Stale fat with too much smoke. The hot mustard was really good. The people were nice. The polish wasn't as intense on the garlic as I'd like.

                1. re: JimGrinsfelder

                  Yes, Ziach's versions are more heavily smoked than some others. A friend that likes Polish had the same complaint when I brought him some Ziach's. Personally, I like the heavier smoke, but it's clearly not for everyone. I do like their variety there, though. While it's all in the smoked range, I'm a fan.

                  While not on the sausage theme, they also have a very good bacon, Gypsy bacon, which oddly given their heavily smoked kielbasa, isn't actually smoked much.

              2. I like the following from Seward Co-op:

                Chorizo (not in a link) I use it with scrambled eggs.
                Vietnamese sausage
                Buffalo chicken sausage.

                1. I wish folks would state which sausages specifically they like at the places they are naming.

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                  1. re: shoo bee doo

                    I think (hope) we're just getting warmed up, shoo bee doo. :) I like the ones you mentioned at Seward, too (except for the buffalo chicken one), and also their breakfast sausage (not in a link). In general, I do not like their sausages that have cheese in them, though I cannot think of the specific names of them right now. I think their plain ole' brat is pretty good, too.