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Apr 4, 2013 08:34 AM

Breakfast Tacos/burritos for Office Crowd

I am looking for a place that has a good deal on breakfast tacos/burritos. I need to bring at least 3 dozen to work, and would rather not spend a forture on it. I live in East Dallas (Henderson @ 75) and work in Garland, so anything around this area would be best.

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  1. El Atoron on Henderson at Fuqua could be a good bet.
    Call first to see if they do breakfast tacos.
    They very inexpensive, too. Last I was there, tacos were $1.10 each and, delicious.

    1. Try La Popular on Columbia at Munger. You could probably order ahead of time and pick up from their drive through window.

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      1. re: pepper131

        I agree. La Popular could be better for the OP than El Atoron in this case.

        La Popular's tamales are great, too.

        1. re: LewisvilleHounder

          Near Miller and Jupiter. I'm trying to decide between just making something vs picking it up. Laziness is a factor!

          London was great. Going back again next month. Exploring the London food scene is def. good. The Borough market is a gourmet market, and I could just live there :).

          1. re: pgwiz1

            I can give you some places not to miss around London if you would like. My wife and I were there for a week in 2007 but I am sure most of the palces we enjoyed are still there.

        2. I would recommend you call Vicky at La Victoria..

          She is reasonable, makes the food fresh, and it is always nice to do business with the small business owner. Call ahead, place your order. She closes the restaurant to cater large events and on Sunday's.