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One Night in Greenwich

I'm going to be in Greenwich, CT, for one night this coming weekend, and wonder if anyone can recommend a decent--not exceptionally noisy--restaurant to dine in. I'm game for anything, as long as it's good and worthwhile. Thanks for your help!

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  1. Do you have a price limit or a cuisine preference? There are some worthwhile choices, but they can be very expensive. Also, if you want something more ethnic, neighboring towns have better choices.

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      Thanks, Steve. Price not that critical a factor . . . I read from another Chowhounder that the Tarry Lodge is worthwhile; do you agree?

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        Personally, I really like Tarry Lodge (Port Chester), very well made Italian and a nice atmosphere. If you want to stick to Greenwich, Terra on Greenwich Ave is also a favorite, its a smaller restaurant, Italian/Mediterranean fare.

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          Thanks a lot . . . I'll plan to try one or the other.

    2. I highly recommend Douro--Portuguese/Mediterranean tapas and more. Fabulous food, and unusual choices. It's on Greenwich Ave., good for walking and gawking, and for dessert you can make it a perfect evening by walking over to Daniella's (on the same street) for gelato. I think Terra has seen better days, and the trouble with going to Port Chester is that if you care for an after dinner stroll, there's nowhere you'd want to walk.

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        I'm also a fan of Douro - I've recommended it in other posts. Because it lacks a famous owner, it's not perceived to be a destination like Tarry, despite being very enjoyable.

        I will disagree with you on the part about strolling, however. Greenwich Ave. is such a uniquely high-brow street that it is an attraction in its own right, like Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. But after dinner on a weekend it can be dead. Main St. in Port Chester is busy at all hours. Yes, it has a very different vibe, immigrant and blue-collar, but it's well worth walking a few blocks (or driving a few miles) after dinner for ice pops at Paleteria Fernandez.

      2. A sublime choice is Jean-Louis. Quite worthwhile and memorable.

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          Thanks sincerely for your recommendation! I may indeed try it.

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            I believe that Jean-Louis has closed.

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                Jean Louis left the restaurant biz to become Vice President of Culinary Operations and Executive Chef at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, Vermont. He still offers catering in the Greenwich area, though I have no idea how he manages that from Vermont.

          2. Greenwich, for all its high end residents, has few great restaurants. Douro is good, but not extraordinary. Tarry is good for Pizza and Pasta, but otherwise not outstanding. Although it has big snob appeal, I love Gabrielles. Not just for steak. Because it is a big celebrity hang out and high priced, the restaurant is not taken seriously in the food press. It should be. I have never been disappointed.

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              Agreed. Slim pickings in Greenwich. Gabrielles, Douro and Louie's (in Cos Cob) are some of the better ones, but if the OP can, I'd make the quick drive to Port Chester or Darien for some better choices.

            2. Jean Louis was the best of the bunch--too bad M. Genin called it a day.

              Mediterraneo is decent, Aurora in Rye similar. Port Chester is good for mostly ethnic places, casual South American mostly. La Panatiere in Rye is very good Old School high end.

              In Greenwich, Penang is great for a casual quick Asian place. In Stamford, Napa and Co is quite decent. How is L'Escale these days? Haven't been in a while...

              1. Thanks to all for your thoughtful comments and recommendations. While I appreciated all of them, I ended up reserving a corner bar seat at the Elm Street Oyster House and enjoying a couple of hours--and multiple courses--of very fresh and beautifully presented seafood. I started with an iced plate of mixed oysters on the half shell, several varieties that were labeled for my convenience. Glistening in their own brine, and accompanied with a couple of sauces and lemon, they were gloriously fresh and tasty. I then moved to an unremarkable Caesar salad--too lightly dressed I thought, and, at $9, way overpriced. My main course was grilled halibut, cooked perfectly so it was flaky and moist, with a side of seasoned fries and haricots vert. The bartender, Tony, paced everything nicely, was knowledgeable about the wines I drank in accompaniment (a tasty glass of Prosecco to start, followed by a bottle of light, crisp, fruity chardonnay), and made me realize that, sitting at the bar, I was much better off than the throngs of diners crowding the tiny, noisy dining room, jostling for elbow room. Certainly not inexpensive by any means, but a restaurant I would surely return to again, when I'm next in Greenwich.

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                  Yes, Elm St is OK-- part of the Pearl Group, I also like Lexington Square in Mt Kisco. They have a good "small chain" feel to them, and are pretty good, I would not consider them "great". You've also got Ruby's and Morgan's in Rye, very similar.

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                    Thanks for the report, Bruce. One of my problems with CH is that most OP's never bother to provide a follow-up when they ask for recommendations. Glad you had a great meal.

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                      Stamfoodie, the same thing's occurred to me many times. After one has gone to the trouble of helping an OP with several recommendations, I think it benefits us all to hear back on the OP's experience. I try to make a habit of it.