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Apr 4, 2013 06:55 AM

Any great sandwiches or takeaway lunch bites in Burlington?

Wondering if there's any great sandwich/burger/taco gems or similar kind of spots for a delicious, casual lunch in Burlington? Did a bit of research and saw some good things said about Halifax Donair, Sammy's Donair, Naked Sprout, The Works (mixed reviews) and Sweet Smoke (Oakville). Would prefer to stay in Burlington proper. Thanks.

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  1. Sweet Smoke is closed, and as much as I like the independents, I find both donair places rather dry and bland.
    My “go to” places in the area are: Roti at D Hot Shoppe (4155 Fairview), Sushi take-out from Sakai in the same plaza, or for an amazing fresh, hot and tasty treat, pick up an order of chicken tikka with naan from The Bombay Grill. (3480 Fairview) The ladder is always a treat for me, because I also grab a pastry from the Polish deli next door.

    1. In Oakville, I've been told that Kori's Roti has the best roti in the GTA. :)

      1. I am a fan of Montfort, a middle eastern place on Brant St. south of the 403. Their Montfort Chicken sandwich is fantastic. Chicken breast, pineapple and creamy garlic sauce.

        1. I like Naked Sprout. I have gotten take out from them before... it can be a bit slow at times but quality food (been a year since I was last there though).

          I didn't know Sweet Smoke closed... too bad, the owner/chef seemed really nice but it was never all that busy when I was there so I understand why it closed.

          My friend likes another place in Burlington - Kind Food. I have never been myself though:

          1. The original comment has been removed