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Apr 4, 2013 06:35 AM

Business dinner, relaxed and refined atmosphere, near Trump International Hotel?

I have been tasked with making a dinner reservation for this weekend in Toronto for a colleague. Obviously would need to be something that has availability on short notice, which I know can be a very limiting factor. I haven't been to Toronto in a very long time - almost 20 years - so I have no idea what to choose! Any suggestions for restaurants with great steak (other options, too, but they seem to love steak) that are also appropriate for a business dinner and relatively close to the hotel? I did some searches but didn't find anything recent and spot on for requirements. They have specifically requested a relaxed and elegant atmosphere, too. Price isn't really an issue.

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Harbour 60 is one of the high end steak restaurants and you should still be able to get a reservation on Opentable. It is within walking distance (about 15 minute walk).

    Closer to the Trump and more casual is Reds Wine Tavern

    If the dinner is on a Friday you could try Canoe which is a very nice place to take someone for a business dinner. They are closed Saturday and Sunday though.

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      Latest reviews I have read about Reds have been pretty poor. I had a good meal there a couple of years ago but based on current reviews I probably won't be going back.

      Having said that, I haven't read any reviews lately, so, I don't know how it is (you can search on here but I think there is a write up about it on Dine.To as well) but Michael's on Simcoe is a steakhouse that is a bit closer than the two recommended on this tread already 7 minute walk). Again, not sure if it is worth the money or not. I would also consider Luma at the Lightbox, another O&B Restaurant. I have had 2 good meals there in the past.

    2. Try Jacobs & Co.Great steakhouse fairly close to the hotel(I think)

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        I second Jacobs & Co for a business steak dinner. It's just a 5 minute walk along Adelaide from the Bay and Adelaide Trump location. Everything from the service to the meat quality is great.

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          I don't disagree, but according to opentable no availability on saturday at all and only early or late seatings on Friday.

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            That's more like a 10 to 15 minute walk.

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            +1 for Jacob
            Try calling the restaurant (Jacob); many do not put their full roster of availability up on Open Table, I have found

            Canoe is closed on Sat/Sun
            Please do not eat at Reds

            Starfish, perhaps for seafood - certainly relaxed (but not casual), but not as elegant as Jacob