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Apr 4, 2013 05:47 AM

(Simple) parve cake

Planning to make a simple parve cake for husbands birthday. I want to make it today, so need something that won't dry out.

Nothing fancy, one layer, fluffy frosting. Daughter wants to decorate with sprinkles.

Any ideas? Thinking chocolate cake, but all the ones I've made are dairy.

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  1. Use the one on the back of thehthe hersheys cocoa. You can substitute almond milk for milk and earth balance for butter. The frosting recipe is there too.

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      I was going to suggest the same thing. I've been making this cake since I was about eight, and it's easy and delicious. There's no butter in the cake itself (perhaps pitagirl was thinking of the frosting recipe that's also on the box?), as it's an oil-based cake, so the only substitution you need to make is soy/almond/etc. milk for regular. The oil keeps it very moist. It takes very well to flavor additions, too - try a teaspoon of cinnamon, or the liqueur of your choice, or using orange juice instead of half the milk, etc.

      1. re: GilaB

        Thanks! I made it this morning, and the cakes are cooling now.
        I used coconut milk from trader joes in the cake and frosting, and fleishmans margarine for the frosting.

        DD had a blast pouring ingredients into the bowl.

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          Oooh! That Hershey's cake is GOOD! I've made it many times. Hope you enjoy it!

          1. re: Miri1

            It's my favorite easy cake, and I don't even like chocolate cake! I reduce the oil a bit (from a half cup to a third of a cup), but it's still the most moist cake I make.

            1. re: queenscook

              that Hershey's chocolate cake is our favorite!!it's a classic and easy to make parve with any milk sub. I remember the first time i made it --you add a cup of boiling water at the end and the batter is thin, you're sure it's wrong .... and it's delish!
              happy birthday!--

              1. re: elmom

                Now I'm craving that cake! :)

              1. re: cheesecake17

                Has anyone ever made it without the frosting? How was it?

                1. re: EmpireState

                  I don't think I've ever made it WITH the frosting :) It's delicious. I often just dust with powdered sugar and/or cocoa powder before serving. I tend not to find pareve frosting very good, so I rarely bother.

                  1. re: EmpireState

                    I served the cupcakes with strawberries on top. I preferred it that way.... But I'm not much of a chocolate eater.

        2. if you have kids in the kitchen kosher by design i LOVE the chocolate cake in there; think it was adapted from hershey cake