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Salad for lunch in Scottsdale

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Any suggestions for a high quality salad in Scottsdale? Something akin to tender greens in San Diego would be great! TIA!

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  1. Saladworks in N Scottsdale. Off Loop 101 @ Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.

    1. Scottsdale is a BIG place, what part will you be in?

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        Thanks! We're staying at the Camelback Inn so if there's something on the way heading in from San Diego, would be great. Much appreciated!

      2. Cobb salad at Cowboy Ciao or Citizen Public House is good, no big salad bar chains in Scottsdale to speak of. but AJ's high end supermarkets have a good spread and there are several on the way in from the west. Camelback and 44th comes to mind.

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          Thanks! I've enjoyed cowboy ciao in the past. I was a lil concerned after reading here that the food has slipped, but how hard is it to mess up a salad? And I really did love that one!

        2. i've eaten there recently and haven't found the food to have slipped. Had the Testosterone salad and the short ribs. both were great. there's a good new Italian place at Lincoln and Scottsdale that you might like. Davanti Enoteca, worth a try.

          1. Tender Greens would kill it in PHX..
            Had great salads at:
            Wrights at the Biltmore
            Prado at Montelucia
            House of Tricks

            Not all in Scottsdale but close enough.

            1. Bertha's Cafe and La Grande Orange are two very casual places which won't be too far out of the way. Sauce has good salads if you're just looking for something really quick. Better than Paradise Bakery/Panera but still in that fast casual style of food. So nothing thrilling but quality.

              True Food Kitchen at the Biltmore is a sit down restaurant and is part of the same restaurant group as Sauce, and not always my favorite restaurant group, but here they do a lot of salads as the whole restaurant is geared to be healthy food.

              Citizen Public House is the old Cowboy Ciao chef and I prefer it over Cowboy Ciao unless you're really into wine. Great cocktails there as well. And of course the chopped salad is phenomenal. Beach Chick's ideas are all high end restaurants. Not sure if that's a problem but wanted to make sure you knew.

              None of the ideas I gave you are super exciting places but solid places to grab a sandwich, salad, etc. Let us know if you need help with the rest of your meals!

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                Hey PHX..
                Tender Greens has fab salads for $11+ so the price is point isn't too far off the salads that I chose for the OP.
                But, I'm just a tourist from San Diego that bums around your wonderful town 3-4 times a year, so, I play more tourist when I'm there.

                Kaz bar in old Scottsdale is another fine place to have drinks after that salad.

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                  Sure, I just know Tender Greens is a much more casual, order at the counter place. The OP said he/she would be stopping on way in from San Diego so i thought they might want to know these were full service restaurants in case they were looking for something much more casual. Or, if they were arriving at night when stopping in for a salad they might be a little uncomfortable at Lon's in traveling clothes (I wear sweats on a road trip so I would at least!)

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                    Didn't see her response further down..
                    Couldn't imagine heading to Lon's or anywhere on my list unless I was gussied up.

                    Having stayed at all these wonderful resorts, I have to admit that I have been in a sarong, bikini and flip flops while dining.

                    Road trips, I dress like you, in sweats and when coming in from the beach to PHX and checking in at front desk, they always give me weird looks...its 110 degrees and your in sweats?

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                  Seconding the Citizen Public House rec for the Chopped Salad. Assuming (a) the Cowboy Ciao ship has been righted since my last visit and (b) the only food I'm interested in is the salad, then the beverage selection at CPH would serve as the tie-breaker for me.

                3. You know, after seeing pictures and descriptions of some of the salads and veggie plates coming out of FnB's kitchen lately, I'd throw them into the mix too.

                  FnB is is Old Town Scottsdale, very near to Cowboy Ciao and Citizen Public House.

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                    100% agree. If looking for a sit down spot FnB can't be beat.

                  2. Arcadia Farms is a lovely lunch spot with indoor and outdoor seating and amazingly fresh and carefully put together salads and sandwiches.

                    1. Although not in Scottsdale but Salad and Go in Gilbert is a great new place offering delicious salads for ppl on the go.

                      1. Thanks, all! Ended up at cowboy ciao which was fine. Also finally made it to LGO for the commuter sandwich...yum!

                        1. A bit late to the party, but I thought I'd throw out Old Town Tortilla Factory's salad with tequila lime dressing and seared rock shrimp. It's utterly divine. They have a gorgeous patio, their margaritas really are wonderful, and that salad is utterly delicious. Pretty much everything else I've had there is lackluster, but if I stick to those two items and sit outside, I'm a happy girl.

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                            Good to know on the salad...be there in a couple of weeks, going to Kaz and PHX will be heating up so margs and rock shrimp salad sounds fab!