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Apr 3, 2013 09:21 PM

Salad for lunch in Scottsdale


Any suggestions for a high quality salad in Scottsdale? Something akin to tender greens in San Diego would be great! TIA!

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  1. Saladworks in N Scottsdale. Off Loop 101 @ Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.

    1. Scottsdale is a BIG place, what part will you be in?

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      1. re: PHXeater

        Thanks! We're staying at the Camelback Inn so if there's something on the way heading in from San Diego, would be great. Much appreciated!

      2. Cobb salad at Cowboy Ciao or Citizen Public House is good, no big salad bar chains in Scottsdale to speak of. but AJ's high end supermarkets have a good spread and there are several on the way in from the west. Camelback and 44th comes to mind.

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          Thanks! I've enjoyed cowboy ciao in the past. I was a lil concerned after reading here that the food has slipped, but how hard is it to mess up a salad? And I really did love that one!

        2. i've eaten there recently and haven't found the food to have slipped. Had the Testosterone salad and the short ribs. both were great. there's a good new Italian place at Lincoln and Scottsdale that you might like. Davanti Enoteca, worth a try.

          1. Tender Greens would kill it in PHX..
            Had great salads at:
            Wrights at the Biltmore
            Prado at Montelucia
            House of Tricks

            Not all in Scottsdale but close enough.