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Apr 3, 2013 09:15 PM

Where would you go?

Getting married. Want to have an intimate dinner with a couple of my close BFF's on the Friday b-4.

Nothing on the Westside.
No red meat, No sushi.
GF options.
Unique, fun, off beat
Nothing too loud
A special occasion kind-a place

KQ :)

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  1. Musso & Frank's for old-fashioned drinks and a taste of old Hollywood?

    Water Grill, Patina, or Checkers downtown? Cafe Pinot on their patio? A shame Cicada is not open for lunch...

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    1. re: nosh

      I just had lunch at Musso and Franks. Sad to say that The place has declined. Years ago when I worked in Hollywood I'd lunch there often. The food now is not good, expensive and the place did not seem clean. Avoid.

      1. re: Baron

        your take on the current state of things at musso and franks exactly mirrors that of one of my close friends who was a regular there for decades.
        the last straw for him was when they tried to play a switcheroo on his steak the last time he went there.
        what were they thinking?
        after all these years did they think he wouldn't notice?
        after all these years did they think he wouldn't be able to tell the difference?
        needless to say, he hasn't gone back.

        1. re: westsidegal

          I respectfully withdraw my rec of Musso & Frank's. It was based on very old impressions.

          If Craft is not too far westside, +1. If you are willing to negotiate the parking in the underground tower facility, you can avoid the ridiculous valet charge. The crispy brussels sprouts on the bar menu were fantastic and addicting. I really liked the cheddar hushpuppies with the maple syrup sauce too.

            1. re: kevin

              Do you think Musso's has ever even heard of GF?

                1. re: kevin

                  I just had their sand dabs a few days ago. A dish they were once famous for. I was served something no better than the frozen battered fish from Trader Joes. The salads were ok. And, the place had the festive feel of a morgue.

                  I guess GF = girlfriend

            2. re: nosh

              Its not a shame for the OP. He is looking for dinner.

              1. re: ipsedixit

                The Providence tasting menu and for an additional treat the Providence dessert tasting menu.

              2. Craft would be perfect...if not too far west!

                  1. Thanks folks....Anything to recommend in the San Fernando Valley?

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                    1. re: Kitchen Queen

                      Maybe Ca' Del Sole if you sit on the patio or what about Ombra? but I have no idea about GF options, so you would need to call them about that issue.

                      1. re: Servorg

                        Thanks Servorg....
                        Do enjoy Ca' Del Sole and yes, the patio is a good option.
                        This may be the place. Also enjoy Gale's in Pasadena.

                        Any good Tapas in the Valley? Prob. not eh?I love Cleo but, it's so darn noisy!

                      2. re: Kitchen Queen

                        In the SFV for tapas:


                        Went there once several yrs ago, and found it quite tasty. Wouldn't consider it a special occasion place, though....