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What would your food obituary say?

NPR's THE SALT has an article about the obituary of pioneering American rocket scientist Yvonne Brill, published by The New York Times.
The NYT piece originally lead with her domestic ability and stroganoff, THE SALT article says "food is undeniably a powerful marker of identity."

The final question of the article is:
What would your "food" obit say?

and so far there are 2 dozen comments.


EDIT: I meant to post this is Food Media....

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  1. I didn't read the blog yet, but have read the obit and I have been thinking about your post of what one's fridge says about oneself (will respond upon reflection) Complicated stuff for being so commonplace, no?

    So in the spirit of the fridge and the obit, mine would say: Her refrigerator was packed with extraordinary things.

    1. "Food is not important to me!" "NOT!!"

      1. While she could not bring herself to eat everything, she delighted in the existence, the passion, and the culture tied to all foods. She would have gladly given you a bite.

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        1. re: hyacinthgirl

          Alternately: I can't believe she ate the whole thing.

          1. More of a tombstone engraving, but:

            Here lies MGZ
            He sought out the best food that could be.
            Slathered in fat they buried his body
            the hope is that someday it'll be fruit for a tree.

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            1. re: MGZ

              I'm probably the only one that was expecting that last line to read:

              "The hope is that someday he'll be confit."

              1. re: Wahooty

                In retrospect, I think I like your ending better.

                1. re: MGZ

                  My 12th grade AP English teacher would be so proud. ;)

            2. No one could pick a lobster cleaner!!

              1. She lived to share every morsel.

                1. One of my husband's fav food quotes is this one:

                  Even honest men may act like sinners,
                  Unless they've had their customary dinners.

                  "What Keeps A Man Alive"- The Three Penny Opera

                  1. He liked pork on his fork and his beer very near.

                    1. "It cook six strong men to carry Mr Harters' coffin. Yes, he was a large, greedy man who really enjoyed his food."

                      1. Here lies Little Al. We still don't know where she put it all.
                        You didn't have to like all of her creations, but she was happy inside if you tried a bite.

                        Cocktails to be served poolside after the services.

                        1. Kris.....somehow without looking at the author of this my instincts said it would be you after your great post about "Best Childhood Dining Experience" that resulted in so much friendly funny dialogue on CH. I wanted to thank you for starting that because CH's seemed to really enjoy it.......C.R.

                          1. she worshiped at the altar of chocolate...

                            1. She loved food and she loved to feed her peeps.

                              1. She loved to cook. She wasn't always successful with her concoctions, but she loved to just open the cabinets and create.

                                1. "Since there are fires where he's going, he asked to be buried with his spatula."

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                                  1. re: DoobieWah

                                    This poses an interesting theological problem: Does "roasting" in hell qualify as grillin'? Or BBQ?

                                  2. She'd eat anything that used to make a noise, long live the meatatarian.

                                    1. She lived as she cooked, with passion and never ending curiosity.

                                      1. Most of what's being posted strike me more as food epitaphs, rather than obits. We need to be a touch more verbose. I think mine would say:

                                        "She bored her students by always relating chemistry to food and drink. She used more YouTube clips of Good Eats, Mythbusters, Moonshiners, and Top Chef as demonstrations than were probably necessary. Water was her favorite molecule, but by no means her favorite beverage. It should come as no surprise that a chemist should take such joy in fermentation, distillation, and extraction, nor that she would take such joy in the alchemy of cocktailing. She could also probably chill a beer faster than you can. I'm just sayin'."

                                        1. Food was a way that she expressed love, and all those around her could connect their expanding waistlines to that fact. Her love of sweets was legendary, and while she liked to meticulously follow baking recipes, her cooking style was much more disorderly, and it was no surprise that while eating dinner she might occasionally covered in flour.

                                          1. "She was in love with possibility."

                                            1. "There was so much more to her than Maker's Markmallow treats and a nice manicure. Do you have a favorite treat? She'd want to make it for you, but better than you had ever remembered tasting it before--not just to show you she could, but to show you she cared. She made brownies in more varieties than there are colors in a rainbow and 'loved all things almondy' in her own words."

                                                1. Butter was her undoing.

                                                  1. Always willing to try a taste of anything

                                                    Except beets

                                                    1. Quite frankly I think my food obituary would probably say something like, "Fowler loved to cook and entertain guests. We just wish Fowler would have sticked to the entertaining part and left the cooking to people that knew what they were doing!"

                                                      1. He died as he lived. Like an idiot.

                                                        1. He left this world with a fully belly, his credit cards maxed out, and owing the IRS a bundle. It was also noted he a big smile on his face!

                                                          1. He loved his beef, he loved his beer
                                                            That's likely why
                                                            He's already here