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Apr 3, 2013 07:37 PM

No Frills?

Are all the locations the same? Are there any noteworthy items to get there?

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  1. They all the base line selection of meat, produce and groceries and they all carry a variety of President's Choice products. I've to a couple and they have some variety in ethnic products depending on their neighbourhood composition. Their weekly flyer applies to all locations I think and is available on line. Generally they have better prices than Safeway and other main stream grocers and their weekly specials are usually good deals.

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      Yes I picked up some rather rare Yellow Scotch Bonnet hot sauce @ NF on 4th @ Alma St and got a Killer Deal on Basmati @ 4th & Pine-so cheap I thought it was a mistake so bought 2 bags!

      It's usually worth checking out-look for deals on Mangoes coming shortly.

    2. No Frills is one of the franchises of the Loblaw grocery chains:

      And to note, Super Valu and Extra Foods are all part of the Loblaw empire.

      1. Dollar days in no frills is killer you can't beat there deals esp getting the 1 liter chocolate milks for $1...mind blowing!

        1. i believe we are talking about one of the chains that carries Presidents Choice (also PC Blue Menu and black label or some other name like that) ---- as an experienced TJ's shopper and other stores down there in USA - i would say that there are some good daily and sort-of unique, handy priced-right products - i don't know the extent of the PC line that you'll find at No Frills - there have been a couple of recent (past 6 months) threads about PC / blue menu / superstore / Super Valu on this Vancouver - BC board.

          i like adding the PC souvlaki marinade to raw ground turkey to make turkey burgers - one eg

          i most often shop at Super Valu (a rare bird these days) and also super store. I don't compare prices. I go for service and quality and convenience.

          ps - edit to add - i find at our local Super Valu - many ethnic products - what i mean is english stuff like you'd find at celtic food shop on Dunbar etc - i don't really look at any other ethnic food so i am not an expert in those realms re: what you'd find at a super valu (sic) etc.