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Apr 3, 2013 07:32 PM


Can anyone point me to a good recipe? Or recommend a book with a few pachadi recipes? Particularly looking for a recipe for white (stone) pumpkin pachadi.

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  1. Please have look at this site for some pachadi recipes. Also have a look at the links to other blogs where you may find other recipes.Googling for (pumpkin pachadi) gives you many other links.

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    1. re: bulldog

      Thanks. I did search the Chowhound boards going back 5 years and didn't find anything much on pachadi. I also googled and looked at a few recipes, but none of the cooks/authors/websites were familiar to me, I was hoping to find some information from sources I trust, or that have been reviewed by cooks I trust, ie the crowd here at Chow.

    2. I know that Seductions of Rice (former COTM) has a couple of pachadi recipes, though not pumpkin pachadi.

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      1. re: Westminstress

        thanks! I just went to the library to pick up 660 Curries, and looked through the rather anemic collection of Indian cookbooks, Seductions of Rice wasn't in, but I think I'll stop and see if the other branch has it.

        1. re: qianning

          I just flipped through my Indian cookbook collection--the one in Seductions is a banana pachadi, which looks like it also appears (perhaps in another incarnation) in Mangoes and Curry Leaves. There's one for a zucchini version in that cookbook as well. Have you checked out Suvir Saran's Indian Home Cooking? There are at least a couple in there, too (onion, zucchini) None of the books I own have a recipe for a pumpkin one, though....sorry this wasn't very helpful....

          1. re: Allegra_K

            Thanks! I own Indian Home Cooking....not sure why I didn't look in there yet....Mr. QN has once again got me (us?) chasing a food memory from childhood.....that'll teach me to make home-made yogurt which is what started the whole bandwagon....

            1. re: qianning

              Ahh, but home-made yogurt is one of life's pleasures. And it's so easy I don't know why everyone doesn't do it!

              PS-Try the yogurt 'recipe' in Moro--it's simply wonderful.

              1. re: Allegra_K

                well, this was sheep's milk yogurt, very good, but two quarts plus the commercial yogurt we already had in the fridge has me scrambling to use it up. Makes a mean saffron lassi a la mr qn.

                will look at the labeh (sp) recipe in Moro.

                went through the Indian cookbooks on my shelf plus two libraries and no white pumpkin pachadi yet.... with any luck the yogurt will disappear into other things and the bee will have left the bonnet.

      2. I believe your are looking for a Kerala style thayir pachadi (as opposed to the spicy/sour version). I make something similar to this:

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        1. re: gayathri

          Thank you! That does look good. Have you any experience with this or other recipes from Rinku's Kitchen?

          1. re: qianning

            I have not tried any recipes from that particular blog. The version I make is very similar to that one (with less number of chillies). It is supposed to be taste sour + mildly spicy - In my opinion, the coconut oil is what gives it a delicious flavor.

            You can do a search for "poosanikai pachadi" - the results are mostly Tamil and Kerala style pachidis.

        2. When searching you should probably try using some of its more common names.
          Bottle Gourd
          Suraikai (Tamil Nadu)
          Lauki (Hindi)
          There are a great many Pachadi/Raita recipes out there and they all differ greatly depending on the local tastes and even personal or family preferences.

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          1. re: chefj

            thanks...but I thought white pumpkin=ash gourd=winter melon=Benincasa hispida;

            but bottle gourd=calabash=boo thee=Lagenaria siceraria.

            Unfortunately, I don't know the name for either of these in any of the Indian languages. I'm much more familiar with using them in Chinese and southeast Asian cooking.

            1. re: qianning

              In Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi that white pumpkin (I mostly see it called ashgourd) is "petha" (with a hard T in the middle) but I haven't seen it used in raita in my experience w/ North Indian-Pak cooking. Not saying it isn't, just haven't seen it. Usually, it's just used as a veg and it's actually used extensively for dessert making.

              1. re: luckyfatima

                Interesting that it is used as a dessert making. One of the few Chinese pastries that I like is "wife cake", which is a flat disc with a flaky pastry exterior and a candied winter melon interior. I am sure I ate it for years before realizing what ingredient was the base of the filling.

              2. re: qianning

                Looks like there is a lot of confusion about "White Pumpkin"
                I find translations that say refer to Winter Melon or Bottle Gourd. And really you could use them pretty interchangeably
                Here is a pretty basic Raita using Ash Gourd from South India

                1. re: chefj

                  You know, now that you mention it, although I think of them as having different uses, winter melon for Cantonese soups and sweets; bottle gourd for Burmese soups and fritters. I doubt I could tell the vegetable apart in a blind taste test.

                  1. re: qianning

                    Especially in a heavily spiced Curry or Raita (Pachadi)