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Apr 3, 2013 07:18 PM

Your Thoughts? 3/29/13 Seattle Times article "Seattle's bread bakers..."

Seattle Times published this article on 3/29/13 by Nancy Leson....
"Seattle's bread bakers blend science and art for those perfect loaves"

What are your thoughts?
Who did she miss?
Is there a "best"?
Which one do you like, and why?

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  1. My favorite bakery is Tall Grass in Ballard. Bakery Nouveau is also conspicuously absent.

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      1. re: klsalas

        I agree on Nouveau. I had always enjoyed their sweet pastries, but never had the bread. I bought a Miche loaf recently and it went over very well.

        Col. City is my local, and a beloved standby. I don't think any other place makes the diversity of items as well.

        Both Tall Grass and Macrina to me have always been a little less refined, apperance and texture-wise, than others of note.

        Grand Central is quite good for grocery store bread, but does not compete otherwise with the better bakeries, IMO.

      2. Actually I think Nancy Leson hit my favorites. Though there are lots of good bread bakers in town, Macrina and Columbia City Bakery definitely top my list. If I could only have one bread for the rest of my life, the volkhorn from Macrina might be it. Will also mention the rosemary bread from Essential Bakery and the olive bread from Tall Grass.