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Apr 3, 2013 07:16 PM

Good Restaurants in the Area around Albany/Corvallis Oregon ?

We will be staying near Albany/ Corvallis, Oregon for a few days. I don't know this area at all and would really appreciate any recommendations for good food/restaurants in the area ?? We have a car and if necessary would be willing to drive to someplace like 30-45 minutes away(or more if it is really great).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.

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  1. The only one in that area I've been to recently is Sybaris in downtown Albany. My folks go there about once a month and now know the owners. Great food and fun atmosphere.

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      Thanks, sounds like some places to try. Are there any places a little further away(like an hour) that are worth driving to? Would particularly like to find fresh seafood, but don't know if we are too far from the coast for that.

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        cometraveler, I haven't had too much fresh seafood since I've been out this way, but last summer I went out to Newport on the OR coast (directly west on highway 20 from Corvallis) and enjoyed a very good lunch at Local Ocean, a seafood restaurant:

        Edit: Newport is less than an hour from Corvallis.

      1. Albany:

        House of Noodle (Thai) -- they have tasty noodle soups and I like their roasted duck fried rice and crab fried rice. Their curries are also good. I have also been to Novak's and thought it was pretty good. I've heard good things about Sybaris. Vault 244 is a nice wine bar with tapas style small plates. I liked the atmosphere when I went.


        I live in Corvallis and find myself at Les Caves and Block 15 pretty frequently, mostly due to proximity and good prices. The fried chicken sandwich, the pretzels, and the waffles are all great at Les Caves. I am usually at Block 15 during happy hour for their rosemary fries and ginger ale. Luc is a nice French place, also in downtown Corvallis -- I have only been once but I remember the meal being pretty delicious.

        Also in Corvallis, Le Patissier is a great bakery if you can get there when it's open (they have pretty odd hours, I think). For really cheap eats, Bento Oriental Express is on Monroe Ave, right next to OSU, and I think they have very good food -- cash only.

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          Many, many thanks! Due to your recommendations, our dinners turned out better than expected, Went to both Les Caves and Block15 and some friends who were there for longer also went to Vault 244. We also had several lunches & breakfasts from Le Patissier.

          Also, FYI, one night, we took a longer drive and went to Marche in Eugene, a French restaurant, which was really good, and I would highly recommend if you want to splurge some evening.

          Again thanks, your suggestions were much appreciated.

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            Great to hear! I'm glad you enjoyed the suggestions. I will take a look at Marche the next time I'm looking for a nicer dinner spot -- thanks!