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Delivery for Inman Sq

I've just rolled my ankle during volleyball (argh) and am looking at a few weeks of lack of mobility. What are some of your dependables / recent finds as far as deliveries to Inman Sq? I live near the Walgreens on Beacon - a few minutes from the firehouse and Pujnabi Dhaba. Bonus if the food goes well with side plate of ibuprofen. Btw I'm sorry this is so general. I searched for "Somerville delivery" expecting lots of hits, and not much came up. Thanks.

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  1. I posted recently about great delivery from Thelonious Monkfish.

    1. Doowee and Rice, though I do know they have a very limited delivery radius (ie won't deliver to me in Kendall).

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        I live halfway between inman and doowee and they don't deliver to me

      2. Masala in Teele delivers to Inman, which (I think) is great. Rod Dee Thai in Porter will sometimes deliver to Somerville, it seems like it is a matter of how busy they are. And Zoes (Chinese) delivers. Those are probably the 3 favorites I have had delivered to Inman.

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          I'm right on the other side of Inman from you, Lossless, and Rod Dee has always delivered to my house. (We always emphasize that we're right over the line from Cambridge, so maybe that helps.) $3 delivery charge, but well worth it.

          For mine, I'd add Blue Fuji to the list - they aren't quick but they're very reliable; I also have a personal soft spot for their homemade udon noodles and my gf swears by their sweet potato maki. Greek Corner also gets a mention, via one of the delivery services (accessible through Foodler but handled by someone else); it's a $6 delivery charge, so best for more than one person, and be sure to check the bag before the delivery person leaves (our order was *badly* wrong last time), but when it's right, it's super delicious and a nice change from the other local options.

        2. We've had some surprisingly good (and fast) thai delivery from Pepper Sky in Central. Also check Foodler for more ideas on what delivers to you.

            1. I live pretty close to you. My regulars are Zoe's (chinese), Pho n Rice (viet and thai), Kebab Factory (indian), Ginger Exchange (mainly for Korean wings and bao bao), Dosa n Curry (interesting indian), sometimes Top Speed Pizza.

              Foodler.com is a great resource.

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                all of the above minus top speed plus chilli garden (which might not extend to inman, they don't go all the way to central i know) and jumbos pizza and city slickers.

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                  I neglected to mention Mixtura, a latin fusion diner, available through foodler.

                  jgg13, is jumbo's pizza good, or at least better than top speed? always looking for a better (less bad) pizza option. I don't like city slicker, i find it well made but intolerably salty.

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                    I've never had Top Speed so I can't say. In general (not just pizza) Jumbos has always struck me as food made for and by people in altered states (and those suffering the day after). That's not the same as calling it 'good' or 'bad' I realize, but you can probably ascertain when I order from them.

                    On City Slicker, I prefer a heavy hand w/ salt and even I've found things to be too salty now and then (but never a pizza). I can totally see how a normal person would find them to be too salty.

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                      This salt thing explains my city-slicker love. I even asked him to season more heavily at one point - he said "I can do it for you, but most folks don't need that much seasoning."

                      If you wish to turn down your experience of salt, squeeze an acid over whatever you're eating (well, pizza probably won't fly, but the pastas).

              2. The Similans is a good Thai place next to Cambridgeside Galleria from the Brown Sugar folks. They deliver to me in Cambridgeport and I bet would deliver to you as well. I prefer them to Pepper Sky, although that's on my walk home, so I get OK (and definitely fast) takeout from them as well.

                Genki-ya sushi delivers to 02143 from their Alewife location, which is a great option.

                Didn't realize Kebab Factory delivered, but I think they are good.

                Maybe some of the places on Somerville Ave. (other than Papa John's)? Anywhere in Union?

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                  china delight, city slicker, papa johns and chow n' joy in that stretch all deliver to inman.

                2. Sometimes you just need an HS5 from Cafe Kiraz.

                  1. Thank you for all the tips; I'll need them.

                    I went with Rod Dee for lunch yesterday. The friendly woman who took my call said deliveries are not always available - it depends on whether they have someone around that day/time to do it. Luckily they did. The delivery guy was very helpful, bringing the food up the stairs so I don't stress out my bad ankle.