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Raw Milk in Center City Philadelphia?

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Other than Fair Food (Reading Terminal), any other places to buy Raw Milk in center city Philadelphia?

(FF closes at 6pm and it's hard to get there on week days for me)


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  1. Not CC exactly but Green Aisle Grocery has it (1618 E Passyunk Ave)

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      You might check Sue's Produce off Rittenhouse Square.

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        Thanks for the tip. I just stopped by and sadly, they no longer carry it :-(

        Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

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          Farmer's Markets would have it. Hillacres Pride (www.hillacrespride.com) sells raw milk on sundays 10-2 at the the headhouse farmers market (http://thefoodtrust.org/farmers-marke...).
          yourfamilyfarmer.com sells on saturday and thursday at the farmers market in university city (http://universitycity.org/clark-park-...)

    2. I've settled in on Wholesome Dairy's Brand Raw Milk at Reading Terminal.

      I actually got to meat the raw milk farmer at the convention center food festival and again at the reading terminal open house.

      I have a good vibe and feel comfortable buying that brand.