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Apr 3, 2013 06:13 PM

Beijing-like food in Mountain View/Silicon Valley?

Just returned from a business trip to Beijing, and really enjoyed the food. Of course, I had the Peking duck, but what really impressed me was the variety of spicy food (not Thai hot) - spicy with an interesting mix of spices. I enjoyed the Hot Pot, a fish dish that was literally covered in red chili peppers but was only spicy not crazy hot, and "custom stir fry" (you choose all of the ingredients, most cooked separately but served all together in a delicious sauce in a big pot on the table.

I haven't seen dishes like this (except for Hot Pot in Fremont).

Is there a restaurant that serves food similar to what you can get in Beijing?

I'm not an expert on Chinese regional cuisine, so please educate me.


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  1. If you're willing to go all the way to Menlo Park, there's Fey, which has hot pot (pot in center of table, cook yourself). I also like the food there for exactly what you describe - lots of different dishes, good spice levels.

    In general, beijing food is considered more on the bland and hearty side (like everyday beijing in San Mateo).

    But beijing hotpot is a thing unto itself, you can't get good hotpot in shanghai.

    The reality is Beijing is the capital and you can eat everything there! I think you had less "beijing style" and more "best of china".