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Apr 3, 2013 05:37 PM

Sunday brunch, not buffet

My fiance and I are getting married in Las Vegas this weekend and we're looking for a Sunday brunch option for a group of about 10-12. We don't want to do a buffet--they're too expensive and we're avoiding casinos if possible. A couple of restaurants that look good to me are Hash House a Go Go (which location is best?) and Honey Salt. I'd do DW Bistro, but we're doing dinner there on Saturday night. Bar+Bistro looks good, but I'm not sure it's a good option for a party our size. And we'd like to eat on the earlier side--say 9:00--and Bar+Bistro doesn't open til 11:00.

Suggestions for breakfast/brunch that is:

averages less than $20/person
not in a casino
can accommodate a large group
open by 9:00
will make a reservation

Thanks so much!

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  1. Are you going to rent a vehicle? State law limits cabs to five passengers. In addition, cab fare can run you up to $50 per cab each way without tip depending how far off the Strip you dine. You may want to consider renting a mini van or a couple of cars as it will be much cheaper. I've been to several of the Hash House A Go Go locations. The best one is on West Sahara. You may want to consider Marche Baccus. It overlooks a manmade lake.

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    1. re: Eric

      we're actually driving in from UT, CA, and AZ, so we'll have cars. But thanks for the heads up.

      Thanks for the Marche Bacchus recommendation--it looks great.

    2. Honey Salt doesn't open until 11:30am and is a good 25-30 minutes away from the Strip. We were able to go there only because we rented a car for the week.

      Hash House A GoGo has some really good food but you won't get out for under $20 a head, and we had some major service issues at the Plaza location.

      1. Marche Bacchus sounds like a good choice but it doesn't open for Sunday brunch until 10:00 a.m.

        1. Congrat's!!
          Peppermill is fab.
          Bouchon at the Venetian and Verandah at the Four Seasons has a lovely breakfast..can't remember if its both off menu and buffet.

          Make sure you go to Lotus of Siam off strip for the best Thai...good after festive weekend.
          Have fun and report back.

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          1. re: Beach Chick

            Bouchon and Bdrandah won't work as they are in casinos. The poster doesn't want anything in a casino. I don't know if the Peppermill is appropriate for what the poster wants as it is a coffee shop.

            1. re: Eric

              'we're avoiding casinos if possible' ..
              2 great choices, IMHO, that if you had to schlepp to a casino, these would be my choices.

              Four Season's which isn't a casino but inside of the Mandalay, that is a lovely place for breakfast/brunch.
              Bouchon at the Venetian is fantastic and within their price point.
              Peppermill is an old school classic and beloved by many.
              Andy got his start in SD with Hash House but I wouldn't waste my time or $$ to eat there..
              Rise and Shine or Jamm's but have not been.