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Apr 3, 2013 05:16 PM

Late Night Cocktails and Small Bites in Providence

I am looking for a comfortable conversation-friendly place in Providence that serves drinks and small bites after 11 pm on Friday nights.

I have called places whose websites indicate late kitchen hours but was told if business is slow they close the kitchen early. One restaurant assured me appetizers would be available at the bar until midnight but when we arrived at 10:45 the kitchen had already closed.

Siena on the Hill and XO on North Main Street have late hours and are fun but I am looking for someplace new to try. I was thinking of
The Eddy on Dorrance which opened a few months ago but will happily entertain other suggestions.


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  1. The RED FEZ/ 10 / CIRCE / The DORRANCE / LOCAL 121

    OPA / NARA / The ROI

    1. try north, they are very accommodating and the cocktails and food are excellent.

      1. We've eaten quite late at both Broadway Bistro and Loie Fuller. We also popped into The Grange this past weekend. They were only able to offer us dessert after 11, but it was yummy, they have a decent cocktail menu, and we enjoyed the atmosphere.

        Unless things have changed dramatically in the last 6 months, avoid The Roi.

        1. Lili Marlene's on the hill serves til midnight. Good cocktails and small cheap menu. I second north. The ham biscuits are awesome.

          1. Thank you for all your terrific suggestions. They are proof that Providence is home to some fine late hour bars. I checked websites for kitchen hours and called for confirmation. The early-kitchen-closing-when-business-has slowed syndrome was cited often enough to warrant a call before heading out.

            My DC and I ultimately decided on my original choice, The Eddy, on Eddy Street between Westminster and Weybosset streets, whose kitchen is opened until 11:30 pm on Fridays. The Eddy is a small lively bar that exudes the slick edginess of a city bar nicely tempered by muted lighting and a striking wood panel and exposed brick interior. The horseshoe-shaped bar centers the space with a cluster of tables to one side, a small semi-enclosed banquette on the other, and opposite a rail-lined wall for standees. To compliment these external trappings was the welcoming and accommodating wait staff, John, who made our evening at this beautifully designed bar so enjoyable.

            The drink and appetizer menus are well-chosen. I had a craft cocktail, agricole daiquiri, made with clement rum, a sugar cane rum from the French West Indies, clement syrup, and lime. My DC had a glass of torrontes, a dry white wine from Argentina. Both were excellent. For a small bite we chose a delicious pressed mozzarella/pesto sandwich.

            I am looking forward to working my way down your impressive list of suggestions.