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Apr 3, 2013 05:06 PM

The Airport!

Now that there is good food at the airport, I routinely go there an hour early to eat. My go-to spot used to be Surdyk's Flights, which I still believe has some of the best sandwiches in The Cities (Prosciutto and pecorino sandwich with any of the sides - beets, carrots or potatoes. I love the olives and cornichons.) But, now that the OTG group is fully ensconced in Terminal G, I've begun to diversify. I've tried the Tokyo Ramen at Taste of Shoyu and thought it was fine. Now I'm curious about Taste of Mill City Tavern, Tagilare, Mimosa, and Volante. Also curious to know if the Ike's burgers compare with the ones downtown. Other airport experiences welcome to chime in.

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  1. I also love surdyk's. Price, speed, quality. Is their location in terminal 2 open yet?

    1. As a usual devotee of Surdyks, I tried something new last time and went to Volante. I was struck by its really ambitious pasta menu including (from memory) gnocchi with tripe, braised octopus, etc. I had a boar ragu that was excellent. I liked it a lot and will definitely try again if my gate is nearby.

      1. The taste of MIll City Tavern has been hit and miss the couple of times I've been there. I like the cheeseburger there for sure. I have only been to Taste of Shoyo and Volente once each. Taste of Shoyo was very good and Volente was so so. Beware though, these places can get really expensive really fast. Its not uncommon to spend 25 - 30 dollars per person.