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Apr 3, 2013 04:49 PM

Oyster mushrooms for people who aren't crazy about mushrooms?

We were gifted with a large quantity of oyster mushrooms today. I'm decidedly lukewarm towards mushrooms and never cook them myself. But I don't want these to go to waste and my husband does enjoy mushrooms generally. Any suggestions for ways to incorporate these into a meal, without making them the centerpiece? If I don't feel like I'm sitting down to a plate full of mushrooms, I could probably sneak them past my own food prejudices.

Also, do oyster mushrooms dry well? I have a dehydrator and can deal with some of them that way if it's worthwhile.

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    1. re: Peaches to Poutine

      Chef Chloe has a good oyster mushroom taco with a mango salsa that is very good and not that mushroomy due to the strong taco seasoning.


    2. Add them to a meal that has a lot other veggies, like a stir fry or soup. I really like oyster mushrooms because they are more on the plain side and recently made a great brown rice risotto with oyster mushrooms. If it is a side, then it won;t overwhelm your palate.


      1. Here's a nice explanation of how to dry oyster mushrooms. Once you do that, you can just crush them into a sauce for depth of flavor without it getting too mushroomy (they don't have a strong taste anyway).

        Do you like tempeh? If you brown it, add some string beans of asparagus, finely chopped oyster mushrooms, wine, a little lemon juice and parsely (maybe some chopped tomato for extra acidity), you'll get the benefit of the woody flavor without it taking over the dish. They'd also be subtly good good in spaghetti sauce or pureed soups with things like kale, escarole, spinach.

        1. They do dry well--use a dehydrator if you have one, just lay them out on a counter on a paper towel if you don't. Turn the paper towel ones over once a day, and if the towel is damp, replace it.

          Oysters are my favorite mushroom--good in Asian stir fries, or breaded and deep fried, or in omelettes or scrambled eggs.

          1. Something easy to do is to saute them with garlic, and then take them off the heat to add Daiya mozzarella. The "cheese" will melt if you put a cover on the pan.