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Apr 3, 2013 02:51 PM

What to do with Lamb Stock

We had a beautiful bone-in leg of lamb for Sunday dinner and with the leftover bones made a stock similar to what we do with our chicken carcasses. This is the first time trying this with lamb bones and we're wondering what to do with the resulting stock. It seems too rich for standalone soup (not like the chicken broth which we can enjoy immediately)

It yielded a good 3-4 quarts of stock so it'll likely go right into the freezer in small batches to enhance other dishes.

Any suggestions on what to do with this stock? All recipes/ideas welcome!

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  1. I more than likely would if possible remove any fat ,add herbs and spices and use to cook a pilaf . I would not only use rice but barley or faro and maybe even a couscous.


      If you have any lamb left I think you could make this.

      1. As a Base(think in place of Veal Stock) for any Sauce to go with Lamb.
        Are you sure that it is too strong for soup? If not Scotch Broth with should be a pretty hearty dish and could stand up to a good strong Stock..

        1. Lamb stock risotto with crumbled feta and oregano

          1. for the gravy in a shepherd's (or a cottage) pie.

            or in a tajine (I know, I know the word refers to the ceramic dish more than the contents, but it's a starting point for a recipe search).