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Apr 3, 2013 02:10 PM

Pakta – Albert Adriá's Nikkei restaurant – has opened

I had posted it in another thread, but since most people don't read all the posts on this board, I thought I would give you hounds a heads-up. Looks pretty exciting to me. I don't have much experience with Nikkei (Japanese-Peruvian) food, but it seems quite intriguing and certainly has the potential for great things.

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  1. The reservation system seems to be a bit screwy - for example, right now it shows there are tables available for April 20th, but if you click on any of the times, and then number of diners, they all say (in Spanish) that no tables are available. The reservations are 15 days from the current date. I have a reservation for Tickets in May, and want to secure one for Patka, but so far can't seem to do so. I am going to email Tickets and see if they can help.

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      Ha! Following in the footsteps of the reservations messes that folks encountered when 41 and Tickets first opened!

      I'm really looking forward to a chow eview of this place.

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        It seems to have settled down now. However in the tradition of 41 degrees it is only accepting 2-4 diners, not a single diner like myself. I contacted Tickets because Patka does not have email yet, and was told when I visit Tickets May 18th, they will try to accommodate me with a visit to Patka later in the week.

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          mramage, were you able to make a reservation for one at Tickets?

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            Yes - that's not a problem - the reservation system allows you to put in 1 person. A good portion of the restaurant is bar-style so they can handle the single diner. Pakta is small - 18 people the last I read and I have not seen a picture of the interior so they may want to maximize their tables, which I do not blame them for. The two restaurants are about a 5 minute walk from each other.

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              And I have to quit spelling it 'Patka' in some of my posts :)

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                Thanks. I was under the impression they wouldn't and will be on my own so wasn't going to bother trying but now I will.

          2. re: debbiel

            I went last week and really enjoyed it

          3. re: mramage

            Haha, I just subvert totally the online reservation system and go through my contacts ;) Must suck to do it the normal way ..

          4. Any update on how to contact Pakta? I'd like to visit in August and I want to see if they (like Tickets) will be closed.

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              Pakta still doe not have a direct email. Do what I did and contact Tickets email address and ask them. They have responded to me before.

              1. re: mramage

                okay, going to play dumb here - can't find tickets email only (The new website is particularly clunky?)

              2. re: LemonLauren

                While it doesn't help you for August, I just checked the website and they seem to be booking about 15 days ahead for Pakta - I clicked on a date and got right through to them confirming and asking for my personal details:

                Both Tickets and 41 degrees have a 'Contactar' Button as you enter their site from the master site:

                but it seems they've missed that option on the Pakta sub-site.

                And the 'Contactar' button switches to 'Contact' if you choose EN at the top right of the page.

              3. The original comment has been removed
                1. I went last week and really enjoyed it. Pakta is located not too far from the other new Adria brothers establishments, Tickets and 41 Experience, and will be the first in a new line of restaurants exploring niche cuisines. Pakta, is a Nikkei restaurant, taking influence from both Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. Most of the staff were either Peuvian, Argentian , Japanese or Spanish. The menus were conceived by Sebastian Mazzola (the Argentinian chef at 41) and Kyoko Ii.

                  The concept is pretty (seemingly) simple : two tasting menus: 18 (i think) or 25 courses (which we had) with dishes such as Avocado tofu with salmon roe, Smoked mackerel sashimi with codium juice and seaweed salad, Seabass ceviche with kumquats leche de tigre, grilled Iberico pork belly nigiri with siu panka sauce, black cod (and no, they didn't copy Nobu, it's a local Peruvian dish!) marinated in black garlic with miso sauce and daikon, and one of my favorites , the lomo salt ado, stir fried tenderloin with peppers, quail egg and potato "pillows". I hope you'll enjoy a few pictures ......... all in all very highly recommended , and I look forward to their other openings later this year..

                  You can find a bit more on my blog post at: