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May 11, 2001 05:23 PM

Where are the best beef ribs around San Antonio

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I am looking for great beef ribs ,I have had the beef ribs at the city market in Gonzales and they are very very good. Another question are the city markets in Lulling and Gonzales run by the same people? When it comes to other BBQ I like Coopers , Kreuz's, Louie Muellers.


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  1. Try Rudy's in Beorne just on the outskirts of S.A. (near The Dominion). You gotta love their motto "The worst BBQ in Texas."

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      Sorry T-Daddy I have to disagree with you, the only thing I have found decent at Rudy's is the smoked turkey breast and the cream corn, I would make a road trip to Kreuz's in Lockhart or Coopers in Llano first and I only live about 6 miles from Rudy's.