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Apr 3, 2013 01:35 PM

Downtown dinner choices

My family, two 50-somethings and two 20-somethings, will be staying in the Downtown area for 3 nights (Thurs - Sat) perhaps at the Embassy Suites - without a car. Any recommendations for dinner in walking distance? We will probably spring for a cab for some combination of Beast, Ox, Tasty n Sons, Ken's Artisanal Pizza, Toro Bravo and Castagna but it would be nice to have other options.

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  1. Mucca: excellent Tuscan style Italian.
    Higgins: love the bar area. Great soups. More innovative than people give it credit for.
    Imperial: Paley's new downtown place. Very good.
    Gruner: Alsatian-ish food. Very good.
    Little Bird: wildly popular French bistro.
    Racion: new small plate Spanish with some mojo behind it.
    Masu: excellent sushi

    That should get you started.

    1. I'd add to the good list below:

      Clyde Common

      1. Right now you have a long list of restaurants to choose from and not enough days. It might be helpful to know what you have decided on from your list (in the original post) and what you like (food-wise, whether good cocktails are important, etc.) and then maybe we can steer you toward something more specific.

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          The trick is hitting the sweet spot of common denominator for a family of 4. I'd say that Clyde Common and Cassidy's seem to be the best fits. I don't know the food scene there in Portland but it looks like Paley's Imperial would have the same name recognition elan that Michael Simon's Lola has here in Cleveland - and would,of course, be great.

          1. re: conradical

            The food scene in Portland is great, which is why it might be worth knowing what you are looking for that would meet the needs of the 4 of you (I'm guessing the 20 somethings and the 50 somethings are interested in different types of food?).

            I personally have not been to Cassidy's, so I can't recommend or discourage, but with limited days to explore the food scene, I'm also not sure that that place should be near the top.