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Apr 3, 2013 01:11 PM

Guy's night out (steak).

We're trying to figure out where to go for a steak night (bunch of guys hanging out). We did Strip House, and we really liked it. But I'm trying to find a different place to go. I'm trying to decide between Del Frisco's v. Arlington Club v. Delmonico's (Fi-Di). I've never been to any of the 3 (wanna stay in Manhattan).

If everyone thinks the above 3 aren't worth it we might end up going back to Strip House.

I like the steaks at Keens and Minetta Tavern (Not quite the ambiance we're going for). I did not think Quality meats was that great. And Wolfgang's in Tribeca was ok.

If anyone has opinions regarding the Del Frisco's v. Arlington Club v. Delmonico's (Fi-Di) choices it'd be much appreciated.

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  1. Arlington Club is overcrowded, overbooked, overhyped and so on. But the potatoes and mac n cheese are quite good...

    Del Friscos is overpriced but good overall

    Maybe Sparks??

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      The one time I went to Sparks was for corporate dinner and it wasn't very good.

      1. re: ipsedixit

        Wolfgang's is ok and the it's not quite the feel I'm looking for...

        1. re: Thepaper

          Wolfgang's is way better than Delmonico's and DelFresco's. Del Fresco's gives huge portions, if that's what you want.
          But if you only think Wolfgangs is just ok,,,then i'd suggest you go back to the Strip House.

      2. Have you tried Benjamin's? Great steak (same style as Luger's and Wolfgang's), but less "trendy" than Wolfgang's.

        1. Del Friscos has a lively atmosphere for sure and some good people watching but the steaks and sides are 1 step below Strip House. All depends on what you are looking for.
          How about Wolfgangs on Park Ave

          1. Delmonico's is not worth it.

            Have eaten a lot of steaks at Del Frisco's. Probably more than most. Been there 30+ times as its convenient for business lunch/dinner. Always get the crab cake. Steaks are fine. Sides are ok, but I honestly don't think that the sides are all that great at most steak houses and I've pretty much been to them all. Del Frisco's is huge so it gets pretty noisy so if you go in the evening and have a big table, you're practically shouting to be heard.

            If you went to Strip House, I assume it was the original one in the Village? If you liked that, may be you should try the new one on 44th street. Much bigger space. Once had a dinner for 10 at the original spot and they could barely fit us at the table. Lots more room at the new spot.

            Also like Benjamin's. Great bacon, decent steak and sides. Good wine list.

            Post House is a quieter spot I like a lot too.