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May 6, 2001 02:09 PM

San Antonio - Family reunion dinner

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Any ideas for a relaxed and moderately-priced place for a family reunion dinner? Needs to be centrally located, (suggestions on that welcome too -- maybe Riverwalk or Mercado area?) Either Tex-Mex or BarBQ, nothin' fancy but CHILD-FRIENDLY and fun. Thanks!

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  1. I try to stay quiet thinking someone who knows more than me will answer, but since it's been more than 4 days, here it goes...

    It sounds like you're looking for a place called La Margarita in the Mercado. I haven't been in probably four years, but friends have and reported that it's still OK. I'd refer you to Jim Leff's recent posting about the Tavern On the Green in "What Jim had for Dinner" because it's kind that kind of place in a tex-mex setting. Still, you did say "kid friendly" and tex-mex is more forgiving that many other foods.