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Apr 3, 2013 12:39 PM

Fancy Birthday Brunch Ideas...?

Hey Everyone,
I need help! My husband's birthday is coming up and he has requested a fancy brunch outing instead of dinner. All the places I was thinking about for dinner (blue hill, eleven madison park, etc) don't do brunch... so now what?
-must take reservations or be easy to get a table at (we will have grandma with us and she is not for standing around for an hour waiting for a table)
-must be vegetarian friendly (but not exclusive)
-must be reasonably fancy

price is not really an issue (let's try to keep it on the blue hill level vs per se level though)

bonus points for local/ sustainable food practices!

The one place I have thought of is ABC Kitchen- any comments on that?

Thank you thank you!

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  1. I love ABC kitchen but it is a little more relaxed than fancy. I think Gramercy Tavern or Tocqueville could be perfect. Tocqueville has a Greenmarket lunch/brunch on Saturday that is all sourced from the Union Square Market.

    1. The NoMad.

      ABC Kitchen is a little loud and the furniture is a little uncomfortable.

      1. thanks... those were my concerns about ABC kitchen, so that is out. NoMad and Tocqueville both seem to be very viable options

        1. I'd add Bouley to the discussion. Had an excellent birthday lunch there a while back.

          1. NoMad is a good call, and reasonably fancy.

            Bouley has a GREAT lunch deal (and is a bit fancier) - $55 for five courses. They call it a "tasting menu" but it's actually more like a normal prix fixe, you can pick your own dishes from around four choices per course. Available every day but Sunday. So if it'll be a Saturday brunch, well worth checking out.

            Cafe Boulud also does a proper "Lunch" on Saturdays - I believe on Sunday they do more of a "Brunch" menu, though you might want more than just elevated Eggs Hollandaise and whatnot, so the lunch would be a bit fancier.

            Bar Room at The Modern is open for Lunch all weekend.