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Apr 3, 2013 12:16 PM

Vegetarian restos in Raleigh area

Please give me some info on vegetarian restos in the Briar Creek area of Raleigh. What are your favs?

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  1. HAve you checked - I use this while travelling to finge vegatarian options

    1. I dont think it's that close but there's a middle eastern restaurant in raleigh that's quite good.

      1. you will probably get alot more responses on the Southeast boards.......

        1. Sorry I live in Chapel Hill which is my (plentiful) veg hunting grounds, but I can tell you there are tons of veg South Indian restaurants in nearby Cary and Morrisville.

          Remedy Diner is in downtown Raleigh, but I've never been.

          1. Good south Indian restaurant about 3-4 exits down from Briar Creek off 540,