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Apr 27, 2001 06:24 PM

Cajun in Austin?

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Greg's post below about a place serving poor Cajun food below, has me wondering is there any pretty good Cajun food in Austin? Coming from Mississippi and Houston I have pretty high standards, but then I miss it enough to lower them a bit. :)


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  1. None worth eating; only one place in town: Papadeaux's. The Bayous on the San Antonio River Walk is the closest for decent gumbo.

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    1. re: Dan Z.

      You obviously don't know Austin very well. Gumob's is the BEST cajun restaurant in Autin. There are others such as Jazz on 6th St.

      Please don't argue with a Concierge. We know all especially in the city we work in.


      1. re: sl

        Born at St. David's 1957; Westlake HS '75, UT 1980 - Chef for the next twenty years. There is no Cajun WORTH eating in town. PERIOD.

    2. p
      Phil Wronski

      A buddy from Shreveport- passionate about food
      and grills a killer steak -
      swears by the smothered pork chops and collard
      greens at Gene's at 1209 East 11th Street.

      "Jambalaya is a specialty of the house" (reading
      from the website here).

      I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my hit list.


      1. Try Gumbo's. Now, my experience is 4 months old, but they have hade some of the BEST food in Austin for years. Two locations: downtown betw. 8th and 9th in the old Brown Building. Also try the SE corner of 620 and I-35. The steask are excellent, the seafood is impeccable and the sauces are laden with fresh butter.

        Po-Boys are great, Gumbo is excellent and yes they do know how to make a roux. Try a shrimp eddie, a steak yoli and split a greek salad with someone else. Guard your food carefully from your companions. On your way home, grab some rocks to throw at Pappadeux and for sure at Sambet's

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        1. Awesome. Here's the link to the article:

          I went to Sambet's and all they had was sandwiches and po-boys. Unbelievable and lame. Their gumbo was also not that great.

          I think Quality Seafood makes the best gumbo in town. What I've said before on the matter:

          "The seafood gumbo is chock full of fish, scallops and shrimp; it easily has twice as much meat as any other gumbo I've ever had. The soup itself is also very thick and can be had without any rice, though rice is offered on the side. Though I haven't had gumbo in New Orleans, I'd have to say that this is the best gumbo I've ever had. The crawfish etoufee is my second favorite and similarly chock full of crawfish tails. My guess is that they're able to offer a pint of so much seafood for only $5.90 because they are wholesalers and can get even cheaper prices than other restaurants."

        2. What do you all think about Evangalene's on Brodie south of William Cannon? I've never eaten in New Orleans, so I'm no expert, but I love the food at Evangalene's. The pecan praline stuffed pistolettes for dessert are like heaven.

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          1. re: James_ATX

            I had their gumbo, which was horrid. Way too thin with overlarge, overcooked bits of seafood.

          2. The people that run Gene's are from New Orleans. They've only been in Austin a few years. It just so happens that I HAVE eaten cajun and creole food in New Orleans, and I think Gene's is just swell.

            I recommend it highly.