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Cajun in Austin?

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Greg's post below about a place serving poor Cajun food below, has me wondering is there any pretty good Cajun food in Austin? Coming from Mississippi and Houston I have pretty high standards, but then I miss it enough to lower them a bit. :)


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  1. None worth eating; only one place in town: Papadeaux's. The Bayous on the San Antonio River Walk is the closest for decent gumbo.

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      You obviously don't know Austin very well. Gumob's is the BEST cajun restaurant in Autin. There are others such as Jazz on 6th St.

      Please don't argue with a Concierge. We know all especially in the city we work in.


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        Born at St. David's 1957; Westlake HS '75, UT 1980 - Chef for the next twenty years. There is no Cajun WORTH eating in town. PERIOD.

    2. p
      Phil Wronski

      A buddy from Shreveport- passionate about food
      and grills a killer steak -
      swears by the smothered pork chops and collard
      greens at Gene's at 1209 East 11th Street.

      "Jambalaya is a specialty of the house" (reading
      from the website here).

      I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my hit list.

      Link: http://www.genesrestaurant.com

      1. Try Gumbo's. Now, my experience is 4 months old, but they have hade some of the BEST food in Austin for years. Two locations: downtown betw. 8th and 9th in the old Brown Building. Also try the SE corner of 620 and I-35. The steask are excellent, the seafood is impeccable and the sauces are laden with fresh butter.

        Po-Boys are great, Gumbo is excellent and yes they do know how to make a roux. Try a shrimp eddie, a steak yoli and split a greek salad with someone else. Guard your food carefully from your companions. On your way home, grab some rocks to throw at Pappadeux and for sure at Sambet's

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          Awesome. Here's the link to the article: http://www.statesman.com/news/content...

          I went to Sambet's and all they had was sandwiches and po-boys. Unbelievable and lame. Their gumbo was also not that great.

          I think Quality Seafood makes the best gumbo in town. What I've said before on the matter:

          "The seafood gumbo is chock full of fish, scallops and shrimp; it easily has twice as much meat as any other gumbo I've ever had. The soup itself is also very thick and can be had without any rice, though rice is offered on the side. Though I haven't had gumbo in New Orleans, I'd have to say that this is the best gumbo I've ever had. The crawfish etoufee is my second favorite and similarly chock full of crawfish tails. My guess is that they're able to offer a pint of so much seafood for only $5.90 because they are wholesalers and can get even cheaper prices than other restaurants."

        2. What do you all think about Evangalene's on Brodie south of William Cannon? I've never eaten in New Orleans, so I'm no expert, but I love the food at Evangalene's. The pecan praline stuffed pistolettes for dessert are like heaven.

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            I had their gumbo, which was horrid. Way too thin with overlarge, overcooked bits of seafood.

          2. The people that run Gene's are from New Orleans. They've only been in Austin a few years. It just so happens that I HAVE eaten cajun and creole food in New Orleans, and I think Gene's is just swell.

            I recommend it highly.

            1. Anyone have an opinion on Ms. B's? There's a new location on E. 11th.

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                had a softshell crap poboy a couple weeks back. didn't seem very fresh and the size was quite small for the price ($13). but everything else about the sandwich was good and the fries were crispy with some seasoning on top. i haven't had anything else at evangeline, but the poboys were decent. i think my favorite goes to gene's which seems to be the choice of many fellow hounders.

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                  I really like Ms. B's, though it is on the expensive side and the food is a little fancified.

                2. Sambets was pretty good 5years ago. Last time I was there.

                  Gene's is great, but it's not Cajun, for the most part.

                  Shoal Creek Saloon does a good smoked duck gumbo IMO (dark, smokey, not thick) , but their Red Beans and Etoufee are atrocious.

                  Gumbo's is kind of fancified fusion Cajun. Not bad, but not very authentic.

                  Whole Foods gumbo had nutmeg in it last year. Avoid.

                  Eating Cajun in this town is tricky unless you want gumbo. And dicey then. By the way, everybody's ideal gumbo is different, so make someone explain why a certain gumbo is good or bad.

                  I tend to agree with Dan Z. I've been here (from Louisiana) for 15 years and have not had a decent etoufee, creole, sauce piquant, bisque, maque choux, boudin or chaurice in years.

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                  1. re: yehudimenuhin

                    This is a very helpful comment. Thank you very much.

                    I should add that the duck and sausage gumbo at Castle Hill and Mirabelle is very dark but lacks much spice. The Elgin sausage used is also very bland and tough. The duck meat -- if you can find it at all in your cup, that is -- is also overcooked. Overall, it's one of the worse gumbos in town.

                  2. We ate at Ms. B's tonight on east 11th street. Great decor and loved the food. Not too many people in there, made it a nice quiet meal. Food and service was quick. I had the blackened chicken which I enjoyed, and my partner had a blackened fish special, which he thought was excellent. It will be interesting to see if this place is packed on a weekend, for I'm always looking for a good Friday night place that isn't too busy.

                    1. What I want is some really good gumbo. If you ever ate at Chez Orleans in Houston (been closed for years) you know what I mean. I want it dark, thin with the taste of file loud and clear - none of this brown gravy gumbo that seems to be the standard. Gumbo's is close, Quality seafood's is disgusting. Any suggestions?

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                        1. re: amykragan

                          french quarter grill has been having some restaurant.com deals, which is really nice when you want to try a bunch of stuff.

                        2. re: Karen West

                          Wow... this is an old thread! I had some once at Peche the chef made for me and my husband on a slow night... I don't think he's there anymore though. It was fine!

                          I was really not impressed with Gumbo's... In fact, I noted to the waitress how few gumbos were actually on the menu there. I would never order at Quality Seafood.... I stick to fried basic stuff there. Never tried it at Evangeline cafe. Not sure if Cypress Grill has any gumbo worth writing home about.... I stick to the same things there too.

                          I have yet to find it here with a good dark roux. I make it a la maison. Yesterday I made Duck and Andouille gumbo with file because I wanted it for my birthday, but couldn't think of a place here that does it well.

                          There are just some things you can't find here.... King Cakes, gumbo, roast beef po'boys. Just get a good cookbook and make it at home. It's not that hard and you'll be very happy. I use the John Folse ones.

                          Cypress Grill
                          4404 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78749

                          208 W 4th Street, Austin, TX 07739

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                            The duck and sausage gumbo at Shoal Creek Saloon can be pretty good - the roux is dark. It isn't cheap - I think the cup is $5.50 and the bowl is $9. The bowl is a good size, though. Evangeline has more of a medium roux, but the gumbo is good - it reminds me of my mom's. The Evangeline people are from Lake Charles. Avoid Sambet's.

                            Shoal Creek Saloon
                            909 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78703

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                              Roast beef po'boys are served at Stuffed, the Louisiana influenced store in northwest Austin located at 620 and Lake Creek just west of 183. Everyone I know who has tried it says it's great and one lady I know from Louisiana says it's authentic... it does taste good but I can't address authenticity… very tasty though!!!

                              1. re: Rene

                                Hmmm... I'll have to try it at Shoal Creek, although some of the stuff they do I don't like at all, I've never tried their gumbo. Stuffed is SOOOOO far north for me, but I really love that place and the people that work there. Do they make their bread for po'boys in house? I'll have to try it at Evangeline, since it is nearby. I like a medium roux because it still has some body to it.

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                                  Stuffed's online menu says the bread is 'straight from Gambino's in New Orleans'. I tried a Shrimp Po'boy a few weeks ago and it was very good but I have no idea how authentic it was.

                                  1. re: ssouth

                                    I like gambino's alright. That's what Cypress Grill uses too. I prefer Leidenheimer bread though, and they will not ship to Austin. They used to ship out of NOLA area before Katrina, but I don't think they do much anymore.

                                    I just make po'boy bread at home... It's fresher and richer tasting and you can control the flaky-ness.

                                    Cypress Grill
                                    4404 W William Cannon Dr, Austin, TX 78749

                                2. re: Rene

                                  haven't had the poboys, but this place is great and gets my business.
                                  it's clean, the staff are really helpful and genuinely interested in their customers, and they have lots of drool-worthy meaty things.

                            2. Evangeline Cafe on Brodie. It is legit.