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Apr 3, 2013 12:11 PM

Raleigh--- Briar Creek Parkway area

Coming to Raleigh area to visit family who just moved there. Please recommend some good restos in that area that also cater to a vegetarian. Any type of favorites will do.Will be there tomorrow.....

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  1. The Brier Creek area is a newer part of town and the restaurants in the area are predominately chains. One of the pluses of the area is being at a midpoint between Durham and Downtown Raleigh. If you are able to leave the Brier Creek area your options will increase.

    Downtown Raleigh nice options would be Fiction Kitchen and The Remedy Diner.

    There are many very good Chinese and Indian restaurants in the area too.

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      Do tell me about Fiction Kitchen! I pass it all the time when I am leaving the courthouse. Thanks!

      1. re: Tehama

        Fiction Kitchen is fantastic, in case you haven't been yet. Not your typical crunchy-granola vegetarian (I had a grilled romaine salad recently that I've been craving ever since). The only glitch is that it's tiny, & wildly popular, & doesn't take reservations. Go early & often!

    2. This Indian restaurant is close to Brier Creek, vegetarian and quite good.

      1. I have had good experiences at Tasu for sushi in Brier Creek - though *not* good experiences at the Tasu in Cary.

        And - it is not vegetarian - The Angus Barn is close by Brier Creek and a Raleigh institution. If you are up for going out for drinks and/or dessert, have a leisurely visit in the Wild Turkey Lounge upstairs and you'll have a ball. Otherwise your choices would probably be limited to salad/soup from the menu.

        Durham is a hop, skip, & a jump from Brier Creek - do a search on the board for Durham if you want to venture out eastward.

        1. Looking forward to hearing where you ate!