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Apr 3, 2013 11:49 AM

the rude boy - roncesvalles???

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  1. I haven't been but there is a review on Blogto:

    The bun looks out of proportion in the pic but hard to tell, I looked at the review when it first came out but I forget the consensus :) So many comments now, there must be an arguement about something stupid there but maybe something worth reading

    1. I've tried to go to this place and failed twice already. First I tried to go for lunch, and they were closed (what kind of burger joint isn't open for lunch??). Then I tried again another day for dinner, and they were out of burgers (!). I'm anxious to try the place, but after driving out there for nothing twice already, I'll probably give it a few weeks.

      And the comments on that Blogto review seems to mostly be revolving around an argument about hipsters. Another sparkling Blogto comment thread.

      1. I tried some take from the Rude Boy last week: a rude boy burger and fries. The first thing that stood out was the price $20.35 for the burger and fries all in which is significantly more than Big Smoke, five guys ect. As for the food itself I would say the burger itself was very good, the flavours of both the bacon, peameal bacon, smoked cheddar and fried egg all worked and were detectable. The only condiment on the burger that was weak was the (Blanche de Chambly?) mustard which was very thin (it was leaking out of the foil wrapper) and had little flavour. The fries were tasty and coated with herbs and parmesan cheese and the sriracha ketchup was a nice twist but the were a little limp and certainly not worth almost $5.00. Overall I feel that there is promise here but the burger needs to be refined and I think the price needs to come down by about $5.

        1. I'll have to give this a try however there's something about it that bothers me.


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          1. re: Davwud

            I've been twice - the burgers a good, I had the Sting and liked it alot, it's a rendition i guess of a Burgers Priest 'with smoke' type burger, not as good but still very tasty.
            The meat is quality, they get it at Sanagan's in Kensington market. They had some fried oysters when i was there as well and i know they got those at De La Mer which is a fishmonger down the street.
            I also had their fries which i liked, and their rings which i quite liked as they were freshly battered. Portion-wise, they do like to charge so i think they could add a few more fries or rings and make the double a true double and not just two smaller patties. This bun ratio thing isn't as bad as it looks, the buns squish down fine and hold in the burger well - it's not the fluffy-assed thing everyone is commenting on lol.
            They're licensed and i pretty much don't like any of the beer they selected, be it bottled or on tap. Definately need to work on that. The room could be better decorated if they want to nail that mod ska thing their name suggests so i'd recommend they invest a bit into the decor since they're making $$$ and selling out their burgers as another post mentioned. They could have a winner on their hands they're just going to need to give back a bit.

            1. re: dannyboy

              i was here tonight and had the special, $5 for a 5 ounce patty with jack cheese, mustard and 'house pickles' (a couple measly slices of a little baby dill) and the "artisan" salad

              i don't remember exactly and i can't find a menu online but i think the salad description was like, kale, etc, a bunch of other shit, it sounded pretty good also at $5. when it showed up it was literally a bowl of spring mix with 3 thin slices of radish, 2 mandoline-d slices of carrot (one conspicuously thicker than the other), a piece of what i think was fried cheese that i uncovered after finishing everything else, and a very light dressing. i was kinda blown away by the truly impressive false advertising. spring mix is not kale and 3 radishes aren't artisan anything.

              i also tried my friend's onion rings, batter was fish and chip style thick and a bit underdone, as well as underseasoned. the mayostard/mustardayonnaise (respect if you feel me on that one) for dipping tasted like dijonnaise out of a jar but not as good, really. the fries were fries and had some cheese and were like 4.50, same as the rings

              the burger was fine. it was a little small and a little dry which makes sense as it's a $5 special thing, the people i was with said the regular burgers are juicier/bigger. still, not the worst hamburger i've had, i'd be surprised if they don't bake the buns in house now (they look way different than in the blogto post referenced above and tasted very akin to some buns my friend whipped up at home, in the best possible sense) but the jack cheese didn't do much for it and the pickles also underwhelmed. oh and they serve it with like 3 potato chips which were underseasoned as well (lol).

              not a terrible place by any means but man it cheesed me off when they gave me that salad haha. i don't care if you wanna serve spring mix and whatever but don't promise something else, it's just bad business.

              i've spent too long on this burger joint so conclusion: it's ok, i guess

              1. re: disgusti

                I can definitely believe that the regular burger would be bigger, but juicier? That would imply that they have two separate batches of beef -- the good stuff they use for the real burgers, and the cheap stuff they use for the special. That's not outside the realm of possibility, but I find it unlikely. Personally I have yet to visit the Rude Boy, but I tried it at The Grid's Burger Day earlier in the summer and found it to be dry as well. More likely is that the people you were with have lower standards as to what constitutes a juicy burger. Given the caliber of many of the burgers served in this city, I'd say this is true of a large chunk of Torontonians.

                1. re: disgusti

                  So you write that the jack cheese was jack shit and you were cheesed off by the salad?

            2. Piping back in after another try of this place - opinions changed a little guess i can see a little clearer again.
              For two burgers, one double 'sting' and another one with
              bacon and cheese plus and onion rings it was $40. I was a little shocked but since it was an order over the phone i paid.
              I think the gal who took my money also expected a juicy tip as well as it got a little awkward when she said she'd bring me my change back (a nickel). As if, for punching a register. The rings weren't fully cooked through and actually had raw-ish batter on the inside of one. The cooked ones were good.
              The burgers were good too my kid loved hers but at that price point i am really done with place. Fifteen bucks for a double burger that on their menu (on yelp) says $10.25.
              No wonder they were so quiet inside.