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Apr 3, 2013 11:36 AM

Scotch cooler!?!

Was in thrift shop and ALMOST bought a Scotch cooler cuz it brought back family vacation, road trip memories. A Scotch cooler (brand name, I think) is an insulated metal "bucket" with a handle. Vividly remember first Florida road trip... early 60's, in big old Ford station wagon, NO AC, and NO real "attractions" at the end of a 1000+ mile drive from PA. That Scotch cooler was loaded with sandwiches and other snack stuff the first day. After that, it was a job for us kids to fill it with ice at whatever motel we stayed at.

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  1. We had one too... my father used to bring roast chicken and fruit to the beach in ours. Mother and I would spend all day there. Dad would come home early, roast a chicken, gather everything we needed, then come to the beach for his swim...Happy Days! I'd be Very tempted to buy another should I see one in a resale shop now.

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      I am still kicking myself for not buying one I saw at a yard sale a couple years back.

      1. That's exactly what I'm talkin about!

        1. My family's is still in the barn, waiting for a canoe trip. We even had a matching picnic bag, but that had to be tossed when the mold took over.

          1. As I recall, there were also cans containing some sort of refrigerant -- about the same size as a can of oj concentrate -- with the same plaid pattern, that you placed in the freezer and then into the cooler to help keep the contents cold -- functioned like plastic "blue ice" paks.