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Apr 3, 2013 11:16 AM

ISO dinner following Phillies afternoon game - not steaks/hoagies

Taking our elderly dad to a game and looking for a convenient place to have dinner afterward. He is suffering memory loss but still loves a good meal. Any place nearby (we don't mind driving) that is not a bar with steaks/hoagies? It's OK if the place has a bar, just looking for a quiet atmosphere--he gets confused easily. Oh, also no Asian, thanks!

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  1. Popi's is not far from the ballpark and has decent Italian. It should be quiet enough for your dad. By the way, that's sweet of you to take your dad to a game, enjoy it!

    1. L'Angolo is an Italian BYOB near Broad and Porter - they open at 5:00. Paradiso is open from lunch on most days, is slightly upscale - but not "dressy" when I have been there for late lunch (khaki's OK)- on East Passyunk. Not sure about the hours of other E. Passyunk restaurants, but you are near the ballpark there. Enjoy the game - my Mom loved a good meal, my siblings would always say she wouldn't eat, then she'd tell me she just didn't like the food as she ate her way through some chow-worthy food!

      1. A second to Bigley's recommendation of L'Angolo.
        Very good food, small, cozy and not noisy. Parking can be difficult, but we always can find a spot on Broad St, which is only half a block away.