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Apr 3, 2013 10:51 AM

Rosedale/North Balt. for 5 day course

Coming next week from Philly to the North Baltimore/Rosedale area for a traing course. Course runs from 8am to 5pm with breakfast and lunch provided. Are there any non chain Chowhound worthy restaurants in the area. Don't need anywhere fancy - just interesting food, likely dining alone.

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  1. Fiesta Mexicana on Route 7 is my best recommendation. Maryland crab season just opened & it's been soooo cold, so I am not sure how crabs would taste yet, but there are many crab houses in the area. Kahler's, Breezy Point, Mr Bill's..... I have not been to Pastore's but heard it is a good place for Italian subs

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      Thanks. Will be coming down next Wednesday.

    2. Ha Ha Cuisine on Pulaski Hwy. It's inside of an Asian market, definitely "hole-in-the-wallish" but the food is fresh and tasty. Aside from the regular Chinese menu, they also have dim sum.

      Richardson Farms on Ebenezer Rd, has good comfort food- rotisserie chicken, bbq, soups.

      A few minutes south of Rosedale, right off 95 on Eastern Ave. is Greektown. My favorite is Zorba's- wood-grilled octopus, lamb chops, bronzini. Others will tell you Samo's, which, I'll concur, also has good Greek food. If you choose Samo's, it's cash only.

      Breezy Point on Philadelphia Rd makes a good crabcake.

      Mission BBQ on Joppa Rd has a good selection and I've enjoyed everything I've tried there.

      Not a restaurant, but a sausage maker, Binkert's on Philadelphia Rd has wonderful German sausages you might want to take home with you.

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        2nd samos which also is byob! food is great. especially love their crabcake and grilled whole bronzino

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          If you are after a gyro the best I've had in America (no joke) is the authentic version at Greektown Grill. I spent some time in a Greece about 5 years ago and this is in my top 3 (again, no joke). They actually use raw pork on the spit, none of that goofy gyro "meat," that cooks progressively as the day goes on and the meat is shaved off.

          Despite what most people seem to think, a gyro in Greece is made with pork or occasionally chicken, not lamb.

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            A very detailed and welcome response.
            I think Mission BBQ and Breezy point may be 2 nights but have to choose between the three greek recommendations: Zorba's, Samo's and Greektown Grill which another responder added.

          2. I can't believe that I forgot to mention R&R Taqueria. Really good, authentic Mexican. Try the ceviche, if they have it.


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              Thanks for the add-on but was gone by Sunday night. I did take some of your recommendations.
              The first night I went to Breezy Point and the crap cake dissapointed me. Was a little dry and lacked seasonong, but the recs went uphill from there.
              Night 2 12 of us went to Zorbas and had the upstairs toourselves. Shared a wide assortment of appetizers for dinner.
              Night 3 was a solo trip to Mission BBQ - was truly impressed and hope that they are successful in their franchising wishes, and keeping up the quality.
              Night 4 was a group visit to Dellis, a bar and grill within walking distance from both hotels that most were staying at. Ended up 9 of us met up there. Best crabcakes I have had in a while (and we do have some very good crabcakes in the Philly area). Another diner had the fried oyster special which was also very good.
              Once again thanks to all CH responders who came through. Nice resource to have before going someplace new.

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                Sorry about your visit to Breezy Point. I work nearby and have had their crab cakes numerous times, a couple of times under-spiced, but none dry. Darn. I feel bad.

                I hope everyone enjoyed Zorbas.

                And, I'm thrilled that you liked Mission. Good food, good people, good "mission".

                You surprised me with Dellis. On the two occasions I've been there, I wasn't impressed. I had their crab cakes and they were bland. Looks like I'll have to give 'em another go.

                But, if you are in the area, again, do try R&R's. Really good. Wish I'd gotten that info to you sooner.