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Apr 26, 2001 08:08 AM


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Hello out there in Lubbock! Is anyone listening? Can you tell me where to find a good steak, or a good Chinese or seafood meal in town or within a half hour's drive? Is it possible there's no gourmet in Lubbock with a PC? Talk to me......

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  1. Unfortunately, the people I know in and from Lubbock are not what you'd call Chowhounds. They're more like all-the-catfish-you-can-eat/'cue-hounds. That's not bad, but it doesn't sound like what you're after. From what I know about Texas and Lubbock, I can tell you that places like Lubbock are often Chowhound minefields.

    All that said, try the Texas Monthly restaurant reviews. They're current and usually fairly reliable. With any luck, I've offended a true Chowhound enough to get them to reply.

    Hey Jim, I know it's like a quasi-Zagat's recommendation, but is it a bad thing to have a map in a minefield?

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    1. re: Greg Spence

      Greg: thanks for the info. catfish will do for one evening, but I hope to find better fare on the other three or four nights! I assume that Texas Monthly is easy to come by down there.

      1. re: Kent (KHW)

        If you can't get in any Texas airport, I'd be shocked. It's not a bad read, either.

      2. re: Greg Spence

        Greg, you mentioned TX Monthly. Have you ever tried any of the recs that readers of TX Highways send in? (near the back of the mag) They often sound like chowhound places. I don't live in Texas anymore so I haven't tried any of them

        1. re: chuck

          Nope. I'll see if I can get a copy and check out a few places. I'll let you know.

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        Curtis Bluhm

        So far there are no responses from anyone who knows anything about food in Lubbock Texas...If you want seafood go to "RIVER SMITHS"... Best fish in the West Texas area...Great atmosphere in his new location...Ate there tonight as a matter of fact...Best spicy boiled shrimp north of the Gulf of Mexico....
        As far a steak, got to "Bryans Steak House"...Steaks are fantastic and the food bar is incredible...If you don't get full its your own damn fault....
        Chinese food is pretty good here...Best place is a little known joint here..."Uncle Chins" on 34th St. is my pick.....
        Italian food favorite is "Orlandos"...Been here since I was a young kid....Always a favorite amoung Lubbockites....
        There,, now you have some good places to check out...I'm a food fanatic and these place are great...

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        1. re: Curtis Bluhm


          Last week a visitor from Lubbock mentioned a place called "Cagles"? It's supposed to have great steaks and apparently it's a little drive out of town. Can you tell me anything about this place? Thank you so much for your recommendations! It looks like I will be down there in June and/or July. I'll tell you how it goes after I get back.

          1. re: Kent

            cagles have best steaks
            it off 4th street going west towards reese airforce base

        2. I'd look for Choo Chai on 19th? I used to eat there in college. Green chicken and pad thai were very good.

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          1. re: John Scar

            I loved both of the Thai dishes you mentioned. The best Pad Thai I've ever eaten. Lone Star Oyster Bar used to be pretty good. A lot of years have passed since then. Spanky's was also good. I used to work there back when it was a 1-story building.

          2. Well, seing as how you posted this in 2001, I'm sure you've found SOMETHING edible. I don't often eat out here in Lubbock. I am not a fan of chain restaurants, which seem to be wildly popular here. There are few places with scratch made ANYTHING! One place is One Guy's on 50th. It's actually authentic Italian food. It is NOT Americanized, so it is not strongly flavored with garlic and herbs, like we eat it here. It's more like what you would actually get in Italy. However, I have had a few dishes there that I won't order again. Now, in 2013, my regular hangout is the Crafthouse Gastropub. It's a phenomenal restaurant on 34th and Flint. The chef is creative, the menu is different from anything Lubbock has ever seen. They have a charcuterie plate!!! I believe this week is a salmon and shrimp terrine. I had a 7 course dinner there for Valetine's day. It included a crab cake in a pink peppercorn Hollands, next was half a roasted quail with a raspberry Shiraz reduction sauce. Then tomato consume. Next was a pallet cleanser of rosewater sorbet. The main course was roast veal with a garlic aioli, roast potatoes, and perfectly steamed asparagus. The dessert was a divine chocolate bar of some kind with caramel sauce. It was death by chocolate. And the final bite, the most curious of all, the server brought out a plate with two small spoons that had a pink sticky substance in them. It was strawberry moscato jam with sea salt. So if you're still in Lubbock, and still looking for a great meal, head to the Crafthouse. Oh, and try the left hand nitro milk stout. It's amazing!