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Apr 3, 2013 10:46 AM

My Kitchen Witch re-opened today

In Monmouth Beach - another Sandy recovery compeleted - Karen and her whole crew is back up and in business, breakfast, lunch, Friday night prix fixe dinner, take out meals/dinners, and catering as well

Congratulations and welcome back!

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  1. Got if from a Monmouth Beacher on FB earlier today and that's great news. You wouldn't happen to have a cat named 'Buster' would you?

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    1. Good for them. I only had their food once and it was too little to judge. Nevertheless, coming from an old time Manasquan family, having lived in both Mantoloking and Lavalette, having family in Monmouth Beach, and still havin' a scar on my hand from takin' a chain saw to debris in early November, I am always thrilled to see folks gettin' back on their feet and "my" world gettin' back to where it was.