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Apr 3, 2013 10:35 AM

2013, First Quarter

Which restaurant meals have impressed you the most over the last 3 months?

My favourite restaurant meals over the last 3 months include a tasting menu at George and a lamb main at Canoe.

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  1. Chantecler's tasting menu. So good. Great value. Lovely team. Really well-executed dishes, both in flavour and presentation.

    --- -- food. is. love.

    1. Glas, Leslieville - one guy putting together great dishes, and making vegetables exciting!

      1. notwithstanding some service issues- i find myself thinking back to my meal at Porzia and hoping to go back soon.

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          Yeah, I enjoyed a meal there as well.

        2. Biggest surprise was awesome taste menu at Bent though dessert set was weakish.

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            What were the standouts and the price point?

            1. re: happycamper

              It was a surprise to me as well. All 4 of us had the taste menu. When asked, we told the waiter we were hungry and interested in everything, and lots of it. Susur came by the table to confirm no allergies or preferences. He was gracious as always.

              The biggest standout was the bill at the end. $60 pp. We were all blown away by the value. We were all stuffed and so satisfied.

              Bests: 1)sashimi plate with lobster, scallop, Hamachi, salmon, etc all super fresh with added elements/flavours which really worked. 2)pressed octopus ceviche 3)tofu tempura 4)smoked cod

              Other dishes had too many competing flavours. The short rib was overcooked and stringy like the mess served at Campagnolo's, rather than the sublime at Kingyo (although sometimes too sweet).

              The best dishes were really great. The mediocre had all the workings of a great dish but too many things going on to enjoy as a whole so I picked them apart and enjoyed ingredient by ingredient. The short rib was a fail and the desserts were OK.

              We left very satisfied, full and wanting to return.

              Great vibe.

                1. re: MissBingBing

                  Not sure as it was part of our taste menu. But I can say that they are certainly simple and small enough to be given away as free.

                  The lemon "pudding" was good, the donut ball was glutinous and tasty with sesame, the crappy chocolate cake bomb thing was spongy and lacking chocolate flavour and possibly heated in the microwave? and there was a fourth item that I forget but it was in the range of OK. They need to rethink their dessert strategy.

          2. Edulis's truffle menu - loved both the truffled beef tartar and the truffle + egg.