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Apr 3, 2013 10:08 AM

new thai restaurant in hanover,nh

a new thai restaurant opened in hanover this week. has anyone tried it and what is their opinion of the food. there had been another thai at this same place but it got so bad no one went. now the new one is ready, and open so i would love to get some feedback

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  1. It's called Thai Orchid ...They have a Facebook page with a menu but no web site yet. I usually won't review a place until its been open for a little while, but first experience was pretty mediocre and expensive. Watery curry with little spice. I will absolutely try them again in a month or so as I would love to see a good place succeed!

    1. Too bad - we need a good Thai restaurant in this area. Guess I'll have to rely on Thai Garden in Keene or Royal Orchid in Montpelier. Or just cook it myself.

      1. We just tried it last night with another couple - they've apparently gotten their act together. The food and service were very good. The pad thai, drunken noodles and yellow curry were all very good, and they kick up or lower the spices as you request. Still no liquor license. The place was packed, so I guess the word is out that things have improved.