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Apr 3, 2013 09:43 AM

Anyone Make a Good Fresh Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto in North Jersey?

I love sun-dried tomato pesto. Does anyone know any stores in North Jersey (preferably in Northern or Central Bergen County) that make good fresh sun-dried tomato pesto? Trader Joe's made a great one, but it's been discontinued for about a decade. Market Basket in Franklin Lakes made it too, but they don't anymore either. Getting it at Maywood Market is like winning the lottery.

I know I could make my own, but sometimes after a long day I don't want to futz. Any ideas on where I can buy it ready made? Thanks for a info!

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  1. We split a great recipe over to the Home Cooking board at: Check it out!

    1. I know it is a little outside of the area, but I believe they have it at Corrado's. Perhaps you are close enough to the Wayne or Clifton locations occasionally. I'd also check Fairway, in Woodland Park, they have a fairly extensive selection of italian style goodies fresh made in their deli dept and cold bars. Although it is rather far for you, if I remember correctly, I saw it at Burrini's Market in Randolph. (973) 895-6100. I am not sure they have it all the time, so call and ask. (for when you might be in the area)