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Apr 3, 2013 09:03 AM

Best bet in Baldwin Village - Kinton, Yakitori, or Elle M'a Dit

Thoughts on the best spot in this neighbourhood? Haven't been to any of these 3 but continue to hear good things.

Likelihood for getting a table for 2 helps a lot - we'll be there at 8pm on a Thursday.

Thanks for any input!

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  1. Haven't been to the other two but Kinton is pretty noisy and gets pretty hot (even in the winter!). I have been twice there and enjoyed the ramen and fried chicken but I wouldn't say the atmosphere is particularly relaxing. I don't know if will be busy or not at that time either but seen long lines when I have been before.

    1. Kinton is busy and over-rated ( Konichiwa next door has better ramen, in my opinion).
      I liked Yakitori. Guu has a slight edge over them, but I appreciate the less boisterous environment. The service could be on the slower side, nevertheless gracious.

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        I second Konichiwa. Not had the ramen but the udon is excellent, as are the other little home-style(ish) Japenese dishes. Even better - and RIDICULOUSLY authentic Japanese comfort food, as per my experiences with the matter in Japan - is Manpuku in Village by The Grange, which is not far from Baldwin. Some dishes are skids (stay away from the $14 cold crab bowl; you DO get a lot of crab but... well I just did not like the taste) but most hit the mark perfectly. And it's quiet. AND they have Asahi Black to wash down your octopus balls the truly Japanese way!

        People are also always singing praises for the $50 omakase (chef's choice fixed menu) at ND Sushi on Baldwin, if that's within your price range (I myself have not been yet, but will go and compare with JABistro).