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Apr 3, 2013 08:41 AM

Sunday Brunch not at a "brunch" place?

I like Green Eggs, Sabrina's, Honey's and similar "brunch" spots. But I'm looking for something a little different, and where I can make a reservation in advance. Ela, Fork, Talula's Garden, and Rittenhouse Tavern all look like they have interesting brunch menus. Has anyone tried any of them for brunch or have experiences at other great places in the city?

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  1. My friend recently loved brunch at Rittenhouse Tavern (wish I had been there). Other places you might consider: Distrito, Alla Spina, Matyson, The Dandelion.

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        I was at Alla Spina for brunch on Easter Sunday. Really good, cool bar set up as well. Get the pig's head poutine. It's everything a hangover food was meant to be.

      2. Jones has a great brunch menu - a good mix of breakfast and lunch, and their monkey bread (brioche-based) is fantastic. I am not sure if they take reservations, though.

        1. I've enjoyed the brunch/heavy hangover cure menu at The Industry.

          1. I've enjoyed Cochon the few times I've gone to brunch there. Reservations and still BYOB for brunch.

            1. Thanks for the recommendations. So many good options. I'm leaning toward either Talula's Garden or Fork. I'll report back after I go on Sunday.