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Apr 3, 2013 08:36 AM

Wolf range owners - help me decide between all gas and duel fuel

I'm buying a 36" 6-burner Wolf range in the next two months. I can't decide between the all gas range and duel fuel range. I'd love to hear what people think is the better choice. If money were no object, I'd go with duel fuel, but at 3K more than the all gas, money is definitely an object.

About me: avid cook, semi-pro (some line experience, went to school, but have an office day job now). I don't bake sweets that often (probably b/c I live at elevation here in Denver and I'm too lazy for high-altitude baking) and I rarely, if ever, use the self-clean option.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!

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  1. I have DF and love it. One of the advantages is the third element convection which is helpful when the range is full in keeping the heat even. We entertain a lot and we fill the oven. I also like the roasting mode, to direct the heat from the top at times. You can work around both of these things though. If the oven is full, you can move things around to keep them cooking evenly. People that bake bread have more trouble keeping moisture in a gas oven at the beginning of baking because it is ventilated a little more. It also will kick a little more heat into the room. The electric oven holds more moisture making it better for things that rise. I suspect the fan is lower on convection bake than it is on conv roast. Someone mentioned on another forum that the gas oven has an igniter that clicks now instead of a glow plug. You might also check what the lowest setting is on the thermostat to compare. $3,000 is a lot more to spend. I don't think it was that much when I bought mine. None of this may be that important to you or you can work around it.