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Apr 3, 2013 08:31 AM

Pig head


Where can I buy pig head in DC for making head cheese? Harvey's at Union Market sells it, but the size (22-32 pounds) is probably too large for my stockpot and the price ($1.89/pound) is more than I expected. Thanks!


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  1. I'm not sure how much they would charge but try calling Three Little Pigs Charcuterie & Salumi, Canales' in Eastern Market or Organic Butcher in Mclean. I've done custom orders from each place for different things and they are all accomodating.

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      in addition to Canales I've also seen them at Union Meat in the Eastern Mkt. I think the clerk/butcher once said they're a special order. sometimes the prices vary a little between the two counters, so it's worth a phone call. I've also seen suckling pig at both so they might be flexible on the size of the head.

    2. Oh I thought my wife was calling for me in this thread... ;)

      I have seen pig heads (and lamb heads) in the frozen section at Fresh World in Springfield. Scares the socks off you when you are looking for beef bones and you uncover one of them staring up at you all bug eyed and tongue hanging out. I cant guarantee its a year around thing though. I know there are certain mexican and asian holidays that feature these items so they tend to stock them then. But Im sure they would be happy to order them if off season and it should be cheaper than Harvey's.

      1. Grand Mart always has them - Also try Bestway and El Eden markets....

        1. Talk to one of the meat vendors at a local farmer's market. Like Bev at Eco-friendly foods or Smith Meadow Farms. Might not be cheap but very likely of good quality.

          1. $1.89 per pound is pricey for a part of the pig not usually used. This thread may help you take down a source -