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Apr 3, 2013 08:04 AM

Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Alexandria

I'm looking for the name of 1 or 2 kid-friendly restaurants in Alexandria. My family will be coming to town this weekend, including my 3 1/2 year old and baby nieces. We might want to go out to dinner or lunch one night. We will likely dine on the earlier side---6:30ish.

Any recs where the adults can get a nice meal and a child won't freak out the other customers (even though she is incredibly well-behaved)?

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  1. If you're into pizza, Pizzeria Paradiso and Red Rocks do decent pies and apps and are kid friendly. I prefer Faccia Luna. Nextdoor is Southside 815 which has been around forever. Also good with families. Chadwicks does a lot of family business as well. I think Zagat rated Hard Times as one of the better family eateries. The MD and Fairfax shops can be hit or miss, but the original in Old Town is pretty consistent.

    1. You are in luck - most of the restaurants in Old Town and Del Ray are family friendly. I'd avoid Eve, Vermillion, Brabbo, probably Majestic depending on time/day. Otherwise, most of them are OK for well-behaved kids. Call in advance or stick your head in, check it out and ask. The vibe should be pretty apparent. On the weekend, many of the restaurants are filled with families and groups so the noise level is high.

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        Do you have any favorites that you can recommend? I live in DC and rarely eat out in Alexandria (but that is where my family will be staying).

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          For Alexandria, 6:30 is prime time, not early and, as others have noted, things will be busy especially if the weather is nice. We like Nando, Pita House, Columbia Firehouse, the pizza places noted upthread (I'm not a huge pizza fan but the rest of the family is). I also enjoy Chadwicks but have only been there for lunch. Virtue F&G is a good option but likely to be quite packed. South Austin Grill is very popular with families - with little kids you'll get sent upstairs to the "kid ghetto" which can get noisy. My kids love the place so I sometimes suck it up and go.

      2. I second Faccia Luna as being family/kid friendly but it does get crowded with same on early Friday and Saturday evenings. Don't know if they take reservations. Pizza is great and their homemade pastas are fabulous (get the fetuccini with garlic and roasted veggies if it is on the menu).

        South Austin Grill is another good choice and there is a new Nandos Peri Peri on King Street.

        Early in the evening Virtue Feed and Grain might be family friendly.

        Also lots of other visitors are out in full force in Alexandria so many places fill up fast.