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Apr 3, 2013 08:03 AM

Spicy & Tasty report

We went back to Spicy & Tasty yesterday after some years away. I had heard reports of a decline, and I sadly have to concur. we got mostly the old favorites--celery with pressed tofu, seaweed, tendon, cumin lamb, three glass chicken, fish with tofu, cabbage in black vinegar, etc. Everything was good, but nothing was really special, and everything was different---they clearly have a different chef. It was a good meal, but I want to try the ex-Taiwanese Family place down Prince St. that now is Sichuan.

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  1. If you mean Prince Noodle House 37-17A Prince St, I was there with a group last week and it's definitely worth going. Although nothing stood out as revelatory compared to the heyday of S&T or some dishes at Little Pepper, everything had a clear, clean, fresh flavor that came thru nicely. Some of what was ordered (I was in the hands of others, more knowledgable than I about the menu and the woman chef making the food) was off the menu and some were basic dishes, like an app. of cold tendons... all were very good. Check it out.

    Sorry to hear about your experience at S&T. I have to admit that I havent been there in a couple of years and go to L.Pepper for Szech food in the Flushing area (I have a car and College Point is just 5 minutes more up the road). And, more often than not, I eat at the Dongbei places (last night at Golden Palace... excellent) or the malls, as that food cant be found outside of Flushing, while Manhattan has plenty of good Szechuan food (Lan Sheng, Legends & many others come to mind).

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      Yes, nowadays I usually hit the Dongbei places in Flushing or Taiwanese. Prince Noodle House used to have excellent family meals--only the Chinese menu. I wonder if they are still doing that. It is a great for a small group to try a lot of dishes--usually $23 or so for three dishes plus a big soup, plus $7 for each extra dish. They had about 50 dishes and 10 soups to choose from. Now that I think of it, some were already Sichuan--a really spicy shui zhu yu pian (water-cooked fish) for example. I need to go back. But I miss the old S&T.

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        PS I have no car, so Little Pepper is out.

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          Feel free to get in touch with me (my e-mail is on my CH profile) if you're interested in joining me & friends (some CH, some not) when we go to LPepper or other places in Flushing. We can figure out the transportation.