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Apr 3, 2013 06:45 AM

Prime Rib - Monmouth

I have no idea where to go, but wifey wants a Prime Rib. I know that it's not a popular cut that is served in a lot of places. Char was recommended, though I don't see it on the menu.

I asked for a back up and he commented that a friend had a vg meal at The Cabin in Howell. I haven't checked Danny's menu (since he changed the model and will do so after this post)

Anyone with a rec?

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    1. re: MGZ

      I knew that you'd be money. Thanks.

      1. re: JustJake

        You're welcome (as was the compliment). For what it's worth, I musta been ten when I first had a prime rib slab at WTB. When I was seventeen, and we (RBC) had beaten RBR in the season opener, my Mom took me there and I managed to clobber a "double cut" and a baked potato (Oh, to be able to eat like that at forty-something . . . .) Nonetheless, I think our friend jrvedivici has been tied up lately, but if he gets a chance to chime in, I think you should entertain his thoughts as well.

        1. re: MGZ

          Someone call my name?

          It's a shame what became of the Charlie Browns franchise because they use to always be solid for their Prime Rib.

          My top choice in the central Monmouth County would probably be What's Your Beef, however I can't say I've had it there in years. They are just an overall solid steakhouse etc.

          A big surprise for me is Houlihans. They serve Prime Rib on their menu Thurs-Sun and it's actually a pretty good cut of beef. Not the best ever...but solid and generally pretty close to home to find one.

          Stay away from Mooses in Tinton Falls, inconsistent to put it politely and the place is on it's way out already (in my opinion).

          1. re: jrvedivici

            With regards to Charlie Brown's....I felt when Restaurant Associates sold off to Castle, Harlan.....along with it went the quality of the Beef.

            I haven't been in a while, but The Outback Steakhouse sells Boneless Prime Rib Cuts....low and slow roasted. They don't do rare, but medium-rare and medium should be available every day.

            1. re: jrvedivici

              I tried the prime rib at Mooses's. The flavor was good, but it was, my-jaw-ached tough. But the killer was this: the server didn't package the bone in the doggy bag!

              The service was very friendly, and Moose himself went out of his way to be welcoming.

              1. re: fershore

                I've honestly given up on the place. I've either eaten or gotten to go from there 6 times and there is NO consistency at all. Moose is a nice enough guy but I don't think there is any saving the ship it's already showing signs of decline. My feelings are shared by many other locals as well. Sad to say.

        2. re: MGZ

          Went to WYB tonight and the prime rib was decent but not worth the price. $23 for the meat and $2 for a baked spud.
          Sorry no value there at all. Husband had stuffed flounder for $21 plus another $2 spud. Floiunder was fishy tasting with pasty tasting stuffing and not good. Bottom line w/ three glasses of house wine tax and tip coming in at $96 this joint has lost its edge and is no longer recommended...

          1. re: CatLadyJan

            That is terrible news. I have not been there in a year or so and it is sad to read about your experience. On are last visit, everyone loved their steaks (I had a massive strip, practically the thickness of my forearm - I always loved that "cut your own" approach).

            That being said, I've never know anyone to order fish there. As to price, I always figured, "It's Rumson . . . . " Two bucks for a tater and sour cream ontopa on the fortysomethin' for the sida cow I devoured seemed worth it given the neighborhood. But, I'm not sure I paid for that meal . . . .

            1. re: MGZ

              I personally don't think their prices are reflective of their zip code but rather in line with most steak houses these days. (Granted with perhaps better atmosphere) I think my last trip to Ruth Chris it was $8. for a baked tater. Lets not forget WYB's salad and bread bar with the iced steel plate inserts. I enjoy the retro feel of the entire place. (How about the port wine cheese spread and crackers at the bar??)

              1. re: jrvedivici

                Jr, do they really still sever that port wine cheese at the bar. I remember my first time there in 1975 downing that spread and crackers. Sad to say my last time there was in the late eighties.

                We used to really enjoy WYB but ate way too much of that awful spread :)

                1. re: tom246

                  Tom (I feel like I'm on a first name basis with you),

                  I can verify that with in the past 12 weeks they do still serve that exact cheese spread with crackers at the bar.

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    Jr, for sure you can call me Tom. Hearing about that Port Cheese Spread brought back some nice memories. Also remember the steak being first rate but as mentioned was many years ago.

                    Makes me wonder why we never returned :)

                    1. re: tom246

                      Thanks Tom! You should go back and give it a try. I can promise you I doubt anything has changed since 1989!

                      1. re: jrvedivici

                        Or 1985 when I first got yo sit at the bar.

                        1. re: jrvedivici

                          I would really like to but no longer a NJ resident. Have moved over to the dark side in Sonoma County Ca for the past three months.
                          Will be back for a week in June and have a host of favorites lined up :)

                          1. re: tom246

                            Are you sh*ttin' me? I'd give my eye teeth up to be able to 'slide' into Santa Rosa, Sepastapol or better yet Jenner. I'll take that dark side in a heart beat.

                            Love NJ, but there's no comparison - as that or Mendocino County is where I want to run this trip out.

                            Figured I'd report as if one makes an inquiry here on the board, or asks for a rec, one should report back on their meal, etc.
                            As for the wifey's meal, we opted for Brennans' after talking with a chef friend who called up his contact at Carl Streit Meats - recommended Brennans' or Woody's.

                            So I took one for the team - she got her prime rib and loved it. Me? I did as when in Rome and ordered the Ribeye. While the quality was good, along with it having a nice char, it probably won't go down as a memorable meal that I'll remember - though their smashed potatoes were interesting.

                            Just thankful that I'm able to beable to go out and enjoy a meal at a restaurant. Many cannot.

                            1. re: JustJake

                              Last time I was at Woodys I was told I could only get the rib
                              medium or well. That shot that idea as I only will eat it rare. Since then I had a really good one at Frankies in Point cooked just the way I like it!

                          1. re: fourunder

                            You are not going to have me repeat that story, are you :)

                            Is that forum still in operation.

                    2. re: jrvedivici

                      I love that spread and the salad bar. Oddly I had forgotten about each, but now I wanna go back soon.

                      1. re: MGZ

                        The place is what it is.....for a town full of pomp and circumstance WYB is a breath of "take me for what I am" fresh air. Of course if your not from town at least a dozen patrons will be able to pick you out. lol

                        If you want a solid steak, like salad bars and a casual dining environment you will never go wrong. Not to attack CatLadyJan review of the place I always wonder what people are thinking that go to a place called What's your BEEF and order seafood. (stuffed flounder) I have had this argument with my spouse a thousand times over the years.......a few of my dining standards are this.....go with the flow. If your in an Italian Restaurant and they have pierogies on special DO NOT ORDER THEM. I don't care how much you love them they will probably not be that good.

                        Recently I took my mother out to dinner and she ordered Shrimp Fra' Diavolo.....and then specifically told the waitress "I don't want it spicy". huh? Come on mom you are Italian for God's sake........the name of the dish is The Devils Brother (I think).

                        I'm sure if the stuffed flounder tasted fishy or wasn't that good I don't see that as a slight against the place because I for one would never go there for that. (just my opinion and I'm not trying to attack your review in any way CatLadyJan........)

                        1. re: jrvedivici

                          "[F}or a town full of pomp and circumstance WYB is a breath of 'take me for what I am' fresh air."

                          Well put. Barnacle Bill's used to be that way too, back in the day. One way or another, I'm goin' to go back soon.

                          1. re: jrvedivici

                            "I always wonder what people are thinking that go to a place called What's your BEEF and order seafood."

                            Words of wisdom JR!

                            I love places like Barnacles and WYB that have such a strong following among locals. People can rant and rave about these places all over the internet but guess what, you still won't be able to get a table without waiting during peak hours.

                            MGZ, you need to head over to the copper to get some catcus juice soon. I've been know to indulge a little myself. They have Carton Canyon on tap too (brewed with agave and it is pretty interesting.) It pairs well with most spicy food there.

                            1. re: corvette johnny

                              I was at CC about three weeks ago on a Sat night while waiting for my table across the street at Christine's (old AMA) and CC was half empty at prime time on a Sat night. I was shocked.

                            2. re: jrvedivici

                              JR, I thought same last nite (ordering fish in a steakhouse).

                              Brennan's had a stuffed grouper special (with crab meat) in a creamy dill sauce (<<<<<aaaaaarrrgh, ugggggggh), and I said to myself. 'Self, don't do it'.

                              I mean, a creamy dill sauce????? please!!!!!

                              1. re: JustJake

                                Although it seems I'm a day late, and well, always a dollar short, I stopped by a local watering hole on my way home last night for a few quick "pop's". The Pour House on Shrewsbury Ave. Tinton Falls, NJ Wednesday Night it seems is Prime Rib night. While the place isn't a "quality" steak house I often stop in for a hunk of meat cooked on the bar grill when in a pinch.

                                Prime Rib similar to Filet Mignon (in my opinion) you don't need to start with a "prime" or "aged" product to produce an excellent result. While I didn't eat the prime rib last night I did see several served and they looked pretty darn good. Nothing but empty plates returning to the kitchen is always a good sign. Even though I had eaten dinner several hours earlier I was tempted, tempted to order one, but instead just refiled my popcorn.

                                Queen Cut (and it was a good queen cut) $16.95 (can't beat that price) and I'm pretty sure it comes with soup AND salad. Something to keep in mind if your in the area and have the Prime Rib hankering again. (I will be trying it sometime soon and will report back).

                                I'm glad you enjoyed Brennans. I gave up on that place years ago.....the steaks weren't bad, just not great in my opinion. Plus, I never cared for a majority of their sides, always just average at best.

                                I don't know who would conceive of serving dill anything sauce with anything but salmon. That's about the only fish I believe pairs well with dill. blahhhhhh

                  2. Try the sitting duck in long branch. I think it is thursday night they have a special and its 15.95 IIRC. You get a soup and decent sized salad with that (along with some side dishes)....quite a deal in my eyes. It is a hefty slab and the meat is quite good (served with au jus)

                    For 16 bucks I think your wife will be impressed (don't even tell her the price and she might be thrilled LOL)

                    1. Its been a long time since I tried it, but Charley's in Long Branch used to make a great prime rib. I see its still on the menu.

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                      1. A lot of the "tavern" type joints in the area do a decent prime rib and have it on "special" once a week or so at a discounted price. Zachary's, McGillicuddy's, and Clancy's are the places I usually go for PR.

                        1. Cafe 34 Bistro in Matawan has a prime rib dinner for $15.99 on Wednesdays. VG