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Apr 3, 2013 05:36 AM

Where to buy noodles in YEG?

Other than going way out of my way to the downtown or south side (until the new Italian Centre Shop location opens) I'm looking for places on the north side or west end of Edmonton to purchase wide flat noodles. I've come across a number of really interesting noodle dishes lately and substituted different noodles with disappointing results and am hoping with the proper noodles the results will be better. The called for noodles are long broad egg noodles that Safeway, Sobeys and the like don't seem to carry. Any suggestions?

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  1. I wonder if any Asian noodles would work - I've never tried making non-Asian food with them though...

    1. K and K German market in Whyte has some nice European egg noodles. But that's probably still out of your way. Sorry, can't think of anything closer.

      Working off the previous suggestion, there is an Asian grocery Lucky Supermarket on 13851-127 Street. But I'm not sure if they carry egg noodles.

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        T&T and Lucky will both have egg noodles, but they probably won't be the exact style that the OP is looking for.

      2. Well I may have had trouble finding the noodles in Edmonton but I'm on vacation in BC this week and I stopped at DeMilles in Salmon Arm and found them! I bought two bags to take home and now I just need to find who sells this brand, they're in the car now and I can't remember the name, but we tried them out for dinner and they were delish! Organic, egg noodles and cook in only 3 minutes so well worth sourcing out.

        figures I'd find them in some random place!