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Apr 2, 2013 07:55 PM

Eats At/Near Country Fair in Eugene?

Hi, All:

Wahine and I will be going to the Country Fair this year--my first time, and her first time with time/interest to seek out really good food.

Any secrets/suggestions at or near this venue?


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  1. This restaurant in an old church is the only sort of fine dining nearby. The traffic near the Country Fair will be challenging!

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    1. re: Hecetamom

      Thanks, Hecetamom:

      I never meant to imply that fine dining is a limitation. I'm after good food, regardless of the trappings. Are there food stands at the Fair that you recommend?

      This is just me, but eating in a--even decommissioned--church kinda creeps me out.


    2. The Country Fair will have lots of food booths to choose from and I have always had a problem deciding which to eat at because they all look so good. I really like Ritta's Burritos and some of the Asian choices. Here is a link to the Oregon Country Fair Food Vendors -
      Sheilagh’s Gourmet "Szechuan Italian" sounds intriguing.

      You are allowed to bring in food as well. The past couple of years our coolers have been checked for alcohol, which is not allowed.

      Enjoy the Fair, Peace.

      P.S. I work in a decommissioned Funeral Home.

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        Thanks, elimcfli!

        That was really helpful. I'm hopeful that the Country Fair food is not as commercialized as is Seattle's Bumbershoot/Bite of... but we'll get by.

        FTR, I'm totally OK with decomm'd funeral homes. My fav Irish bar in Seattle, Kell's, is one. Churches, not so much, especially after drum circles and painted private parts...

        Aloha a me hoʻomalu,

      2. Thanks for posting this question -- you are thinking ahead! I also plan to go to the Country Fair for the first time this year and I'll keep my eye on this thread in case more suggestions pop up. I rarely get into Eugene, but the last time I went for the Sunday flea market, I stopped by the Fisherman's Market on my way out and had a really enjoyable meal. I think it was the crab or seafood bisque that was especially good.

        1. I went for the first time last year (SO is a veteran of many Country Fairs). Did you know the fair is in the middle of actual country? :) I mean, we parked in Eugene and took the fair shuttle in, and I think the shuttle (bus) ride was a good 30 minutes from town out in the sticks. There are a variety of food vendors in the fair, and that's your most convenient bet by far. Even if you take your car to park at the fair, walking to the lot and getting in and out would be a nightmare -- so much traffic and foot traffic! It's a popular event! :)

          However, maybe OP knows that and meant the nearby town(s)? If you don't want to eat at the official vendors in the fairground proper, there are people selling juice and simple foods near the parking lots (unofficially).

          There were a variety of food vendors last year, and SO says that's typical. I don't recall seeing mainstream or corporate food vendors -- so you won't be bombarded with Papa John's or anything like that, but I'm sure you will find other pizza. The Country Fair offers things like BBQ, Mexican, Thai food, falafel, LOTS of bakery booths with tea/coffee and muffins/cookies, lots of juice and lemonade booths -- all seem mom-and-pop run. I don't know if they were all necessarily local vendors (maybe some?). Plenty of veggie and vegan options.

          I don't recall the name of the vendor, but we had (overpriced, bland) Mexican food I wouldn't write home about; it was tasteless, but at least the veggies and salsa seemed fresh. However, we passed the BBQ vendor several times and I kicked myself we hadn't eaten there instead -- it looked amazing!

          The link for food vendors appears to be up already:

          At first the web page pulled up blank for me, but when I chose "sort by: food" the list of vendors appeared. Have fun perusing!

          1. Did you mean the Lane county Fair in Eugene or the Oregon County fair?


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              I meant the hippy one, the one with the grove, drum circles and painted breasts...